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Discussion in 'Recording' started by sammyg, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. sammyg

    sammyg Active Member

    Hey all,

    Just after an opinion on the Joe Meek VC-1Q,


  2. musicalhair

    musicalhair Guest

    What are you comparing it to? I have one before the "Q" (the VC1). I like it on bass direct, don't really like on guitar (but many do), and vocals. I the one I have as a Noise generator called an "enhancer" generating harmonics up above the music it is recording. I used it on Cabasa to great effect, bringing it right up and out where I want it, but it sounds fake and bad on vocals to me. It is "highly colored", especially the compressor section-- maybe the latter is why I didn't like it on guitar.
  3. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    I have the VC1Qcs and it is a decent unit with the classic Joe Meek compressor which has more value than any other feaure. It is better than the Mackie, but not really worth braggin about. I like using all the features on it dedicated to the snare, but bass and guitar can often fair well with it and hard rock vocals are ok too.
  4. steveotoole

    steveotoole Guest

    It's not too bad. I like the EQ section and the compressor, although the comp is a little bit tricky to set. It likes to overshoot. I've never found a practical use for the enhancer/de-esser. I think the pre and DI sound descent but lack headroom compared to some of my other pres. I get around the low headroom problem by adjusting the input gain within protools.
  5. sammyg

    sammyg Active Member

    Thanks guys!


  6. blp

    blp Guest

    Hello Sammy,

    I saw your post on PSX-100 and if that's were you're going, a JoeMeek VC1Q is not gonna do your PSX-100 justice. It's a noisy (needs a lot of gain) unit with it's own character. The enhancer/deesser is really bad. I've had 2 and sold them. Check out TC's Goldchannel!


    ..pay more, cry once..
  7. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    the booklet that comes with that preamp boast about its headroom guys.You can really push the meters way over zero.but im kinda a rookie at this so maybe i dont know much
  8. sammyg

    sammyg Active Member

    thanks again guys!

  9. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    I have a VC3 (the VC1's little brother) and it's not exceptionally noisy. It sounds great on bass guitar, my Beyer M260DX ribbon mic on many things and a 57 in front of a 4x12.

    I also have a Gold Channel and it sounds bland on everything. Never awful and never wonderful, just eh.
  10. macmod

    macmod Guest

    Steve, I've the same one (VC3v2)...do you leave the enhancer alone like me, or do you use it?

  11. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    I used the enhancer on a bass track a couple of times. It helped the definition. But usually I find it too noisy and unusable. The VC3q has a 3 band eq, I wish I got that one instead.
  12. bwindsor

    bwindsor Guest

    Got one, used to be my go to pre/channel until I bought something else :) ...seriously, it is okay but not special, occasionally works great with certain singers on certain mics....I used it on a bass for some live off the floor demo recently and it sounded fine (usually use an Avalon U5, not this time though)...My go to is now a Toft ATC-2 and , to draw a comparison, I recently re-cut a singer I'd previously used the VC1Q on...no contest..I'm buying another ATC-2...and yes, I know there's better pre's, just really like the EQ section on the Toft, and the comp is pretty fair.
    Botttom line...there's worse than the Meek, there's better...what a revelation...usually get what you pay for, but in this case Toft isn't much more.

    Best of luck with your choice,

  13. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    you can acess the compressor and eq onlyon the vc1q with another preamp going thru the insert
  14. billsnodgrass

    billsnodgrass Active Member

    I found the mic amp not very verstile good for some things like an aggresive vocal (used with the comp) the EQ and the comp is great almost worth the cost of the unit.If I wanted a channel strip with everything Id get The TLA 5052 or save save save and get an Amek
  15. johnnyrock

    johnnyrock Guest

    I also have a VC1Q and am pretty satisfied with it but I've been thinking about getting a Toft ATC-2 as well.I'm really interested in hearing more about the Toft pres.How would you place them in a wide spectrum of pres? How would they compare directly to the pre on the VC1Q?

  16. nugget

    nugget Guest

    yes i'd agree
    most of my dealings have just about been the same
    you have to be careful with input levels and calibration

  17. sammyg

    sammyg Active Member

    Thanks everyone!

    On the subject...I just recieved an email from Avalon distributers in Australia, they have come down a fair bit in retail so its more within reach for me now. (but we still get ripped off over here!just not as much now! who said living on a island is fun!


  18. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    Fletcher once said the Toft preamps sounded a little like the Grace. But he also said the eq alone was "worth the price of admission".
  19. bwindsor

    bwindsor Guest


    Can only compare the Toft ATC-2 pre's to the VC1Q, TL Audio EQ1 (pre) and the TL Audio 2 Ivory Series (5001) quad tube pre, as that's what I use...something about the Toft just "lifts" the vocals, makes them clearer, stand out more..I've also used it with keys (direct) and it's okay, but as a vocal mic pre it shines compared to everything else I currently have...wouldn't necessarily use it for dirty percussion, but I did use it for toms, and if clarity and punch is what you're after, it's there...I kind of prefer the TLA 5001 in that app, can dial in a little dirt (or overdrive, if you prefer)...anyway, I still use my VC1Q and wouldn't sell it, but the fact I'm buying another ATC-2 should say something (hold the smart comments!)...still going to go for a Drawmer 1969 to round things out, don't know about the pre's, but not really buying it for those (end of year) although I'm convinced they'll be as good or better, and likely very different (which is always good) from what I currently have.

    Best luck with your choices,

  20. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    bwindsor, have you tried the ATC on overhead mics? That's an application I'm looking at it for.

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