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VirSyn nice special offer ..worth testing the demos

Discussion in 'Virtual Instruments and Effects' started by Big K, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Big K

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    I have just tested the VST3/64bit demo of this 3 piece set VTAPE in Nuendo 5 and I must say it is quite nice to work with.
    The current deal ( 99 Euro instead 169 ) is supposed to be limited to the first 200 but usually it holds for a few days...
    I have a few plug from VirSyn and find them very usable and stabile. Also VST3, so they are surround capable up
    to 10.2 channels... and run just fine on true 64 bits environment. Try the demo.. and test the Reflect 2.5 as well.. excellent VST3 (surround) reverb.
    You need a syncrosoft dongle, but activation is painless and clean.

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