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Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by perceive, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. perceive

    perceive Active Member

    Hi all, I will ask another (boring, repetitive?) question..
    Allowing my budgetary constraints I cannot afford an x-2...
    so I am looking at the vmp-1000e as a single mic pre.
    I will mainly be using this with electric acoustic and classical guitars..
    The main mic's for the guitar amps will be standard sm57's and an e609.
    Have a sontronics sigma ribbon on the way too..
    Want a good condensor - the "other" part of the budget will be set aside for a decent condensor... something leaning towards not so bright...
    (Yes I am another prefer it warm leaning to dark than bright).
    Would the vmp-1000 be a good match to these requirements? (I am aware that there are a million other factors that forum posts dont cover - but - such is life :-\ )
    Any other suggestions or items to compare this particular unit to?
  2. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    The VMP is not my first choice for acoustic guitar, unless I'm going direct.
    Can you swing a few extra clams for a Proxima?

    That said, it does still do a decent job.
  3. perceive

    perceive Active Member

    Not sure - the sebatron page does not have the proxima listed under $AUD.
    Personally if I could I would love to get the Cygnus but that is a couple of hundred over budget (about $1100 is as much as I go - saving for a house loan :-\
  4. stinkybleach

    stinkybleach Guest

    I use a vmp2000e for recording my acoustic guitars and DI bass. Love that tone. It sits well in any mix without much EQ at all. I use the low cut for acoustics to take out any low rumble.
    For vocals I use a THORAX which is totally cool. :cool:
  5. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    To make room for more Sebatron releases in the near future we are considering terminating the production of the vmp-1000e and vmp-1000e VU.

    It appears as though the economic viability is somewhat restricted for a single channel unit without comprimising the audio path or making the unit more expensive....
    ..or so the accountants tell me .... :evil:

    So I'd like it to be known that we have a limited number of production stock of the vmp-1000e and vmp-1000eVU available.
    Please enquire at your nearest dealer or email us at sebatron@sebatron.com
    if you are interested in any seconds before I give them to the Salvos.


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