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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by sauger, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. sauger

    sauger Active Member

    Hi Neuman lathe users out there,
    I bought a vms70 lathe 3 weeks ago and now being installing it.
    there are some damages in the circiut breaker but I hope i find a replacement for the damaged IC ....
    So I only have checked all mechanical functions jet. I adjusted my truntable it has an vertical movement of 0,01 mm now. When I cut an 14 " on the outer diameter the goove is changing its width and depth. In the microscope this change is 0,5 mils so its not very much. Can it have electronical reasons ? for example the depth control ? The cut is very quiet its only a visual problem I hope....
    One more question:
    Do you have any suggestions for a good preview delay under 1000 € ?
    Thanks for your anwers
  2. jase

    jase Guest

    Hello,The vertical movement is the problem.Where are you based and who is servicicing your lathe?, These are problems that should be dealt with by a pro. Pm me if you need help.
  3. sauger

    sauger Active Member

    I´m based in Germany, Augsburg. The service is done by a Enegneer normally used in old tape maschines. So he is now getting into the new theme of disc cutting lathes right now.
    So you think its an elektronikal problem in the vertical movment of the depth coil , am I right ?
    thanks for helping out !!
  4. jason

    jason Guest

    Have you balanced the turntable to make sure it is flat?
    Also i would strongly advise you to seek profesional help,No disrespect to your tape man but if he connects two wires around the wrong way or somthing like that he can ^#$% UP the HEAD,Sounds like you need to contact the DON
  5. revruff

    revruff Guest

    hi man if you dont want to blow your babie up you only have one choice and that is to get in touch with sean davies in london he is the only man who truly knows all about the Neumann any one els dosent exist anymore also where did you bye sush a bad conditiond machine
  6. jason

    jason Guest

    The Don=Sean Davies

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