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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by heybluez, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. heybluez

    heybluez Guest


    I was recently recording some vocal tracks and I realized that I definitely did not
    dig the sound of the compressor. I, fortunately, almost have enough money saved
    to buy some Mic Pre's and are now also thinking about some good compressors I could
    use when tracking. I currently use my Soundtracs Topaz 8 into the Pro Tools LE software
    via an RME ADI-8 Pro converter clocked to a Lucid Genx6.

    The compressor I was using was a dbx 266XL (it is all i have..sorry :) ). Anyone have any
    suggestions as to what I should look at. I was thinking about an Avalon 737 because of
    the mic pre, eq and compressor. I do, want to get API pre's as well.....one day maybe!

  2. Kurtstudio

    Kurtstudio Guest

    Good choise, if you already have pre- then add a red 3 stereo compressor,if you want clean compression, or if you need warmth and some dark color a Tube tech . LA2A re-issuue is great too. Those are my favorites, Avilon is also fun and clean. If you need a channel strip type with all the bells , Avilon is the way to go, or Massingberg, of Focussrite, Tubetech, all of these have the same stuff for about the same money, there are deals out there used. Good Luck. Adding tubes to PT really warms the audio up and add what Digi loses.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    All in one eh?

    Cheap = TLA 5051 (HHB Radius 40)

    My classical engineer chum loves his Avalon "all in one'.. he uses it for rock too.
  4. lwilliam

    lwilliam Active Member

    I've heard from several that the 737 pre and eq are REALLY nice, but the compressor is kind of hit-or-miss.

    Have you considered a Distressor?

    Of course, the cheaper route is an RNC. They ain't bad...
  5. Hi,
    are you gaining significantly clocking that RME piece to the Genx6? Have to imagine you are, or why would you do it (to justify the expense of the Genx6 :roll: )?
    I'm using an RME ADI-8 DS, which is real similar I believe, and I'm considering some external clocking, Genx6 is a contender.
    How would you describe the difference?
    Curious as always,
  6. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    I have the 737 and I'd say the compressor is really good on most things but drums arn't it's best. For vocals it is transparent but thickens the sound nicely, also sounds very high fi.
  7. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Strange as so many do like the RNC for vocals.

    BUT I didn't??
  8. ghoost

    ghoost Guest

    Can't help but throw my tupence in here !! :eek:

    Be very carefull here ... If you can spend the $$ there's a lot of nice stuff out there. Personally, I think the the 737's are overated :D

    If you're sold on the idea of a strip channel, take a look at the Amek Pure Path .. very tasty. If you want a serious comp. look at the Distressor, Cranesong STC 8 (stereo), the 3 band Tubetech (forget the model #) or an Oram Sonicomp (stereo). They're all great, a bit pricey but you'll use them for the rest of you're recording career. So look ahead for the next 20+ years.

    Oram (the same chap behind the Trident 80 series) probably gives you the most for your $. The comp has two distinct modes of operation for your enjoyment and variety. He makes a stereo pre with a very sweet/musiical EQ. Both peices can had for about the price of a single channel's worth of Tubetech or Cranesong gear. If you do have an intrest in his stuff and can't find it, e-me and I'll be happy to line you up with a dealer (not as widley available).

    In any case ... be aware of what else is out there before jumping on a bandwagon and realising more can be had for those pennies in a jar ... and have fun looking. ;) :cool:
  9. Tom Cram

    Tom Cram Active Member

    >Strange as so many do like the RNC for vocals.
    BUT I didn't??<

    Kev, be very careful here. Have you ever heard of Bruno? He insisted that there were other planetary systems. He was burned at the stake by the Catholic Church.
  10. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Oh Oh ... :eek:

    Did I tell you I have an RNC and just looove it on drum groups and overheads etc,...
    .... and when the RNMP (Mic-pre) is released I'll buy that even without listening to it!!!

    Are my sins forgiven ?
  11. Tom Cram

    Tom Cram Active Member

    >Did I tell you I have an RNC and just looove it on drum groups and overheads etc,...<

    Me too.

    >...and when the RNMP (Mic-pre) is released I'll buy that even without listening to it!!!<

    Say it ain't so!

    >Are my sins forgiven ?<

    You're seeking absolution from the wrong guy. Perhaps someone who isn't an atheist/anarchist/misanthrope can help you there. :D
  12. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    it's EQ not very musical, but okay for colder disecting.

    I couldn't disagree more. The eq is the best I've heard and extremely musical to ME. I'm no expert and by no means have tried everything out there but from what I have tried which is a fair amount it's the best eq I've tried.
  13. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    By the way. The distressor is great (recent purchase) but I wouldn't buy one as my vocal compressor.
  14. Blaine1

    Blaine1 Guest

    Any comments on Summit Comps? I've read some good stuff and bad. I just got the Summit MPC-100a and wonder how it compares to the rest. It's my first pre-comp in this price range so I'm just wondering

  15. MadMoose

    MadMoose Active Member

    I have a Summit DCL-200 that I like a lot. I've used on on just about everything at one time or another and always been pretty happy with the results. It usually finds it's way to vocals, acoustic guitar, overheads, and the mix bus among other things. It has a color but the act of compression is pretty transparent.
  16. bgroup

    bgroup Guest

    As far as compressors, IMO the Crane Song Trakker is by far the coolest compressor I've ever used. EXTREMELY versatile, definitely hi-fi, but also very vibey when you want it to be. I like it better than any other compressor I've used or owned (including Distressor, 1176 reissue) and it sounds great on everything, especially vocals. Highly recommended.

  17. subspace

    subspace Guest

    You may want to listen to the Langevin Dual Vocal Combo by Manley as well. A class A solid-state version of the Manley El-Op, the compressors are very nice for tracking vocals. The pres, DIs, and EQ included would round out your front end nicely as well. HTH
  18. atlasproaudio

    atlasproaudio Active Member

    I find the Manley much more useable in series after an 1176 than just by itself. It can be a bit slow for some voxs, but can lend itself to a certain something when run last (for tracking). The Opto on the Millennia is more flexible instead of just one setting, which for my purposes serves better. YMMV.
  19. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    So ther is more than one of us out there. :w:

    As far as a channel strip is concerned.. nobody has mentioned it here yet, so here goes.

    How about a Joe Meek VC1Qcs(good stuff and can have aN SPDF added)
    or a VC6Q (cheaper but not nearly as good).
    Either of these units bought on special will serve you well and be a good start to your collection.
  20. manuel.al

    manuel.al Guest

    Me too!
    Really cool,versatile.
    Sweet,hard,fast,slow,all in one.

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