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Vocoding a VST

Discussion in 'Recording' started by munkee, Nov 11, 2001.

  1. munkee

    munkee Guest

    I have the new 5.1 version with the vocoder. Does anyone know how to proprly set it up? I have tried and tried I just can't get it to work??? I have tried several suggestions and it just won't happen...I've heard people say you need a stereo channel, others say Group channel. Some say just an audio next to a midi channel...Do I put the vocoder on the vocal track, midi track or both...I am SO CONFUSED????
  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Distinguished Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    geez munkee...your light wont shine...vocoder wont work...whats next? your brain take a vacation.....doh!!! j/k!!!
    I'm going to be installing Cubase and upgrading to 5.1 so I can get the VST'is out of them for Nuendo!! woohoo!!! I'll try some stuff for there bro!!
  3. munkee

    munkee Guest

    I think I finally got it figured out. But I'm always looking for tips on how to make it run smoother!!!! I know I can count on YOU!!!
  4. munkee

    munkee Guest

    I record a audio track. then I open a vsti on track two...However, I change track two output to the vocoder...I guess it's still using the VSTi as a source???Is it???Can I change the presets of the VSTi to effect the vocoding? Sorry if this is vague, I just don't quite know how to explain it?
    Also someone mentioned earlier that they could vocode live through the system without a pre recorded vocal track...In other words, Speak into the mic as the vocoding is happening??? Can I do this? I assume I set it up through multi record?

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