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Discussion in 'Recording' started by harpster, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. harpster

    harpster Guest

    Any suggestions and or comments on the subject?

    I have no idea what to look for.

    I have heard harmonizers in clubs and what I've heard sounded pretty good, at least to this novice's ear...!

    Actually, software would be better than hardware for me because I want it for recording.

    A friend of mine has Waves, but he dosn't think it has a harmonizer in it's works.

  2. hackenslash

    hackenslash Active Member

    There are no good harmonisers for recording, except good singers who can pitch harmonies. Those units are designed for use in situations where BVs aren't possible. Don't make the mistake of thinking that they bactually sound good. In laboratory conditions, they sound horrible.
  3. jordy

    jordy Active Member

    hey there.
    yeah - i'd have to agree with Eric on that idea.

    however, if you want to see for yourself, there is a plugin i demoed called Akai DeccaBuddy. it takes your sung melody...or guitar line...or any wave form really... and gives you the option of adding 5 more voices onto your original track- letting you choose from doubling to adding high 5ths and 3rd to low 7th major or minors. it lets you choose if you want the voices to sound female or male, has a "random" knob and a quantizing knob....-i guess to make the harmonies a lil more natural sounding....i think it even has a pitch correction option.

    but my guess is that you're not gonna be happy with the results. - you can always tell the difference between the real and fake.
    however -if you're aiming to go for that Hello Goodbye sound, you might like it.

    it ried it out and chose to keep some of it in the one song we did. - it def. sounded fake, but i think it fit, for what i wanted in that part of the song.

    if you want kind of an example of the results to expect, you can feel free to visit our website, -www.myspace.com/emberwell , and listen to our song, "winter". - i used the plugin some in the first verse.

    good luck

  4. SuprSpy79

    SuprSpy79 Active Member

    You could check out the TC-Helicon VoiceWorks
  5. jordy

    jordy Active Member

    that's hardware though, i do believe...
    just saying, cause i think you were looking for software, right?
  6. harpster

    harpster Guest

    Yes I am looking for software.
    All the comments reflects to everything I've heard about them.
    I am on my way to "My Space" to give it a listen
  7. jordy

    jordy Active Member

    glad to help.... oh, i should warn you though, i think i kept the Decca Buddy plug pretty subtle on the song, so that may not have been the best example for it, but it is on there.
  8. hackenslash

    hackenslash Active Member

    Melodyne seems to be the best plugin for this at the moment. Additionally, a new version is due out any day now that will allow pitch corrections to individual notes in polyphonic recording. This is not supposed to be possible, but apparently they've done it.
  9. harpster

    harpster Guest

    Thanks, I'll check it out.

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