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Wanted: partner to collaborate compositionally, start studio

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by MitchM, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. MitchM

    MitchM Guest

    I have been a lurker on this forum for awhile. I guess that it is time for my first post:

    I am looking for a musical partner (musicians/composers/engineers) with which to collaborate and perhaps start a semi-commerical studio. In particular, I hope to find someone who has a complimentary and extensive set of instruments and talents (virtuosic or jack-of-many-instruments, or both), a formal music education, very high and (at least somewhat) similar aesthetic standards, a very strong work ethic, and a ton of drive to "make it" in the music industry. In particular, I would like to work with someone between 20-35 years of age. I am 23 years old. I am also open to locating anywhere within the USA.

    The type of music that I do is noisy electro-acoustic folk and post-rock. My instrument collection specializes most greatly in electromechanical instruments, mallet instruments, and bells/chimes, and I use a good selection of recording gear (DPA/Schoeps/Millennia/Mytek/Soundelux/CharterOak/Neumann). I mainly play guitar, sitar, piano, mallet instruments, and can also sing. I'm currently working on learning pedal steel guitar and will next learn to play bender six-string guitar. I am very good at Pro Tools (better than PT-certified people I've met), Ableton Live, and mixing ITB. I have excellent relative pitch, majored in music (and geology...), and am a good songwriter and orchestrator. I can name my some of my biggest pop influences right here, though it will likely not give you much of an idea of the music I create:
    Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine, Nick Drake, Jaga Jazzist, Secret Chiefs 3

    If you or someone you know could also bring a complimentary set of talents, training, work ethic, and capital ($100K or more in gear/instruments) to the table for such a partnership, please contact me.

    (If this post does not belong in this forum, please let me know where to post it, and I will move it accordingly)
  2. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    I don't recommend the Gulf Coast. People build things, Nature blows it away. Sure you get a lot of good songs while in between hurricane seasons but the season itself....bitchin' to say the least~!

    Good luck finding a 20something with 100k worth of anything!
  3. I had the same thought.
  4. rockstardave

    rockstardave Active Member

    Re: Wanted: partner to collaborate compositionally, start st

    they are on right now! i love those guys. i had Animal Chin as a ringtone for a while.

    anyways, if it wasnt for the $100k, i'd climb aboard. good luck!
  5. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    It's good to have dreams. Best of luck! (I'm under-qualified at about 6K)
  6. Glide

    Glide Active Member

    ...Or you could just go over to http:// and just have fun with it...
  7. cathode_ray

    cathode_ray Active Member

    Speaking of having fun, I'm in Austell. Where are you - and do you collaborate?
  8. Glide

    Glide Active Member

  9. MitchM

    MitchM Guest

    Thanks for the responses everyone. The reason why I am looking for someone with a similar or greater amount of capital is that I want to find someone with whom I can start a semi-commercial studio, in addition to collaborating compositionally. My criterion of $100K in capital is not rigid though. I would be somewhat flexible with that standard, as long as the person possesses all the other qualities I am looking for, such as a formal music education, ability to play several instruments, high and somewhat similar aesthetic standards, compositional/orchestrating skills, excellent mixing and production skills, and a strong work ethic.

    MHutch, I enjoyed listening to your tracks.
  10. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Why thank you sir. Just a thought: Maybe if you could post some examples of your work, it would lure in that collaborator you're seeking.

    Plus, I'm curious.

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