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Waves Bundle w/Pro Tools?

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by TomF, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. TomF

    TomF Guest


    I have Waves Platinum V5 native bundle with PTLE 6.9 running on a Mac G5 2.5 OS10.3.8 (Panther). When I bring up the Waves plugs in PT ,the plugin lists are doubled/duplicated. This is only the Waves plugs not the PT's. I looked at the Waves plugin folder to see if they were doubled there but they weren't. I also looked at the PT plugin folder and found three Waveshells in that folder.I'm don't know if thats the problem or if there suppose to be there. I don't think I can contact Waves Tech support until Sunday.Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about correcting this problem?

  2. tomtom

    tomtom Guest

    You should check your preferences first. There are now multiple ways to display and sort plug ins in the menus. Could this be the cause? If not, why don't you throw the waveshells away and reinstall?
  3. baslotto

    baslotto Active Member

    Applications/Digidesign/Protools/Plug-Ins alias. There should be a Waveshell copied twice in the folder. Trash the one that ends with "-1". That should be it.
  4. TomF

    TomF Guest

    Thanks for the replies!

    baslotto, This is what's in Plugin Alias folder.
    1-(Waveshell-DAE5.0) ,1- (Waveshell-DAE5.01) and 1-(Vocal-Waveshell...II-DAE1.0). If I thrash the 5.01 file and doesn't work.I can drag it out of the trash and replace it ,if it causes a problem,Correct?

    Also, the Waveshell folder has 12 shells in that, with the same two
    as above. Does anything need to be do there?

    I really appreciate the help!
    Thanks again
  5. baslotto

    baslotto Active Member

    If you move things to the desktop it's safe enough but if you don't want to mess too much just go for a clean uninstall and follow tomtom's suggestion.
  6. TomF

    TomF Guest

    Thanks alot for the Help!

    I solved the problem .WavesTS said to trash the Waveshell-DAE5.0
    in the PT folder . That did the trick. Don't know how it happened in the first place,but it's fixed.

    Thanks again
    Take Care

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