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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by theholotrope, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. theholotrope

    theholotrope Guest

    does anyone here master their tracks with the waves platinum bundle? im not interested in mastering my own tracks professionally(no training, and professional mastering much better), im just curious as to the procedure or the order of plug-ins you use in order to achieve a better sound... i want to play around and see what i can learn but i have nowhere to start.
    how do you go about mastering a track with waves platinum?

  2. Ben Godin

    Ben Godin Active Member

    The only thing that i ever use from the waves bundle is the waves LinMB, and i use that to get a really nice bass sound and only for the bass, and even that doesn't happen too often. The waves package is a great daw mixing package, but for mastering you can use the LinMB and the L2 (the RCL and LinEQ are not very good for mastering).
  3. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Hey Ben, what don't you like about the LinEQ?
  4. theholotrope

    theholotrope Guest

    cool... so whats your approach though? what comes first, what comes second?

  5. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    Juan -

    You'll probably hear that there isn't really an "ideal" approach - Every mix is a different piece.

    You *might* want to start with...

    * Corrective EQ
    * Gain adjustment
    * Compression / limiting
    * Shaping EQ
    * Safety limiting
    * Dithering
  6. Ammitsboel

    Ammitsboel Member

    I would just say:
    ...and dither if needed.
  7. Ben Godin

    Ben Godin Active Member

    Hey David, i like the LinEQ, but when you put it up to the UAD-1 series EQs or the Sonalksis EQ, imo (again this is an opinion), those two are better sounding and more accurate, even with the Q feature of the Waves EQ, i just like the accuracy of the other EQs for mastering, for mixing individual instruments the LinEQ sounds great
  8. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Cool. I haven't heard the Sonalksis. I'll have to see if they have a demo.
  9. Ben Godin

    Ben Godin Active Member

    30 day demo David, give it a try and tell me what you think.
  10. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

  11. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    I didn't even bother installing the Waves plugs in my new DAW... I'm transferring ownership to another studio. Ever since I installed the UAD stuff, I just never use them anymore.
  12. BobYordan

    BobYordan Guest

    Yup, UAD rocks in the world of DAW. :)

    Sonalksis plugs are very good.

  13. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    i would say

    no plugs for mastering... except L2.... because i can't find an alternative
  14. Ammitsboel

    Ammitsboel Member

    Oh yes, L2 Hardware.
  15. p0llen_p0ny

    p0llen_p0ny Guest

    Mastering plug-ins

    I've been using Izotope's Ozone and it sounds fantastic. Much more natural sounding than the Waves stuff. A lot easier to get a good sound out of it too.
  16. Ben Godin

    Ben Godin Active Member

    Trust me, ozone( :D ) , You just need more practice with Waves...
    Ozone is a self contained 300 dollar program which is just a big money bribe, along with that goes t-racks. When it comes to the quality of the eqs and compressors of Waves vs. that of Ozone, there is no match between Waves and Ozone.
  17. p0llen_p0ny

    p0llen_p0ny Guest

    Waves vs Ozone

    Hmm $300 may be a bribe but $1800 for Waves is extortion.

    with Waves it seemed like when I moved the settings by 0.1 the sound changed dramatically. Especially with the EQs. I was using Waves for about a year before I tried Ozone. There's just something about the Waves sound that I don't like. When I was mastering with it there was always something I was trying to get but it always either missed the mark or was extremely hard to get.

    Ozone just sounds more musical to me than Waves and didn't take long to get it set and sounding good. Which was a bit frightening to be honest after agonizing for hours over my settings in Waves.

    The MBIT+ algorithm found on Ozone is pure genius. I'm not sure who developed it but it really sounds musical, for lack of a better word. The dither feature on Waves gives me a headache and I'm sure it can be blamed for plane crashes, depression and mad cow. (just kidding)

    Believe me I tried really hard to like Waves (I paid an obcene amount for it), but it was pure hell trying to get a sound I was happy with. Even after a year of using it. Simply put, my Ozone masters are nicer to listen to.

    In the end I guess it's just a preference really.
  18. Ben Godin

    Ben Godin Active Member

    Nobody is forcing you to buy waves, there are many better packages than waves for mastering. But the hype about the Ozone (technology) is all bull in reality. If they honestly invented a system that is pure genius, im sure that ozone itself would not cost 300 dollars. Maybe you like ozone because they have more specific presets, with waves or any other processing unit that doesn't have specific presets one who isn't at pro level often finds their setting not exactly how they want and dislikes the program. Thats actually the reason why i shut out waves a few years ago when i was just starting, cause their presets were not good enough or detailed enough. Now that i don't use presets anymore I no loger look for apps that have the best presets, rather the truely better design and sound. I recommend the Sonalksis EQ and comp. Get the demo and compare that to the overboosted low end sound of ozone that makes it "pure genius" and get back to me on what you think.

    I have to agree about the dither is waves it does suck. You can download the demo software version of the Apogee H22 dither system. I LOVE the sound of that and that of the Pow-r.
  19. p0llen_p0ny

    p0llen_p0ny Guest

    I haven't heard or seen any hype about Ozone. A friend of mine suggested it. Waves looks like the most hyped of the bunch.

    Not necessarily. Look at VHS vs Beta. Beta was technically superior to VHS (still is) and cost less, but the developers of Beta lacked the marketing clout to make it a big seller. High price doesn't always equal high quality. But I digress.

    I don't use presets. Never have. And shame on you for equating my love of Ozone with not being at "pro level". :wink:

    Sonalksis deserves more praise and attention than Waves. I just like Ozone. If it's wrong to like it, I don't want to be right.

    I was using UV22. Haven't heard of H22. Just might try it out. Same thing with UV22 though. Something about it that did my head in.
  20. golli

    golli Active Member

    If I understand you guys correctly you can get the Apogee UV22HR as a standalone plug. I went to the Apogee site + some Googling and found no links to download it.

    I thought that this was only available inside the Apogee units :oops:

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