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Westlake BBSM 4

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Infernal_Death, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Hi all

    I am thinking about upgrading my monitors (it's really mandatory since i use some shitty alesis). I want to buy something good so that it will last long. Now searching through different forums i always read the name Adam when talking about great monitors so they are definitely on my list to check out. The S3 sounds the best thing for me (as i can't afford the active version).
    Now i came across a used pair of Westlake BBSM 4 (which are kinda the same configuration as the S3, both have twin bass speakers) and i am wondering if those are good. There isn't much talk about Westlake monitors anywhere, the few topics i read about them states that Westlake is high quality but it's mostly always about the bigger monitors, not the BBSM 4.
    I know i should listen to them myself but that's impossible since there isn't a westlake dealer near me (hell in my town there isn't even one recording equipment store) so i simply can't listen to them.
    That's why i am here asking you. Has anybody here some experience with those speakers ? As i only have a small homerecording studio the monitors i want to buy will be the only ones. That means i don't plan (nor have the money or space) to buy mainfields. So those speakers also should handle bass good enough for being the only reference monitors (as much as it's possible for smaller monitors).
    Those used BBSM 4 would cost only half of the price of a new pair of S3 and from what i get the BBSM 4 are $3K new here in germany.

    Thanks for all the answer.

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    These are wonderful speakers. If they are at all affordable you would do yourself good by snagging them as quick as possible.. Mastering guru Tom Jung swars by these speakers.. TOP SHELF STUFF!

    Kurt Foster
  3. Kurt, thanks for your answer. Seems like their are good speakers, no surprise since they cost $3k new.
    There are just some things that worry me. Looking at the Westlake Audio homepage i see that those speakers "only" go to 65hz. As the next speakers will be my only ones i think if that really is enough. All other speakers in this range can go way deeper. Must have something to do with the use of only 4" speakers for bass drivers. I mean the Adams go to 35hz, but they have two 7" bass drivers.
    As these speakers are used i can't return them if they are not what i am looking for, that's the problem.
    And the other thing is the people selling those speakers run a professional music gear shop. They often sell things on ebay (amongst the items there is also a SSL console and a Euphonics CS2000, so they really have top gear). But the thing is that they normaly want top dollar for their stuff. In fact i never saw a auction that somebody bidded on. Their stuff turns up quite often, the same with those Westlake speakers. It's now at least the 4th time i see them up. Costing $3K new and they only want $1K for them. So now i am wondering if there is anything wrong with those speakers. I mean normally they would at least charge $2-2.5K for those speakers, as they do with everything they sell (or at least try to sell). The price is just way too good for coming from this store.

    That all makes me really thinking if those speakers are worth the risk i take. Oh well we see. Once again thank you for your answer.

  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Westlake recently upgraded the BSM line so that may have something to do with the low price. I would ask the seller why they are so inexpensive..

    As far as the lows go, if your room can handle the extra lows then you may want to look for something that has a bit more thump ... However Westlake probably rates these speakers very conservitavly. I would try to audition them with other speakers and compare the lows .. you might be surprised to find that they will stiil produce significant lows below 60 Hz..

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