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audio What do you think of this one: Start Swimming

Discussion in 'Fix This MIX!' started by Vox71, May 5, 2014.

  1. Vox71

    Vox71 Active Member

    So, I got a friends daughter to sing with me on this one. She is only 15. She has no concept of harmony, but she is a great raw talent with a pleasing voice. I had to coach her on this one. She has no recording experience, but handled it very well with (apparently) no pressure. It can be nerve-wracking for any vocalist to be "under the microscope"

    Not a lot of instrument overdubs on this one. Just a straight ahead acoustic-based song.

    Here 'tis:
    View: http://soundcloud.com/vox71/start-swimming/s-5Z4mZ

    Cheers ,

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  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    Well that was just a nice charming, well executed recording.

    I immediately loved the bounce it had. It was happy sounding! Thank you! So well-rounded sounding. Warm, lush, nothing harsh. Nothing strident, crispy, wispy, metallic, no! You did a marvelous job!

    This was an enjoyable recording, truly worth listening to. Critique? Yeah... do some more! It's wonderful. And the young lady did a great job. You coached her well. Those 15-year-olds can be incredibly and remarkably talented. As evidenced here. I too had the opportunity to work with a lovely 14-year-old girl blew our socks off back in 1978. When her dad, LOL, Dr. Amos brought his daughter to the studio I had just designed and built. He was very impressed with what I had designed and built. Right down to the custom 24 x 8 x 2 console I had designed. He looked at me and told me I'd really love his first name. His first name? He said, " yeah, my first name." "So Dr. Amos, what is your first name?" I replied. He looked at me and smiled and said, " my first name is Edison, Dr. Edison Amos." Cool. And who was his daughter, he drove 70 miles to our studio, to cut his daughter's first demo? Well it was his daughter Ellen Amos. Later known as Tori Amos. We knew instantly when we heard this youngster's songs she had written and was performing. She was going to be a superstar. And maybe the young lady you just worked with will do likewise? She sounds great! You did good! Great song! An even greater recording!

    Technical critique? To be honest with ya... I have none. I'm sure others will offer up their own personal preferences. But I listen to things a little differently than others. What you've created is a wonderful work of art. Your vision, came through to me, within the first 10 seconds of listening. That's how quickly I'm able to hear and receive. And it immediately grabbed me, with this wonderful mellow bounce. It was all there. In fact, just the way I would have done it myself. So I loved it. It spoke to me. I'd tell ya if I felt something was out of place. There was nothing I would have changed. Though of course my take might have been slightly different? It wouldn't have been different by much.

    I absolutely think this is the mark of an extremely competent and talented, musician/producer/engineer. No question in my mind about that. Top-notch. Top shelf. The whole shebang. Though I'll be interested to hear and read, what other types of feedback you get from the others here?

    So did you do this on good professional stuff? Prosumer stuff? Or run-of-the-mill crap? Because it really doesn't matter. It's great to listen to. That's all that matters. It's perfect. You need change nothing.

    You are AAA plus in my book.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
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  3. Vox71

    Vox71 Active Member

    Thanks, Remy. High praise, indeed. I am glad you enjoyed it. Not a lot of instrument overdubs which is what I like about it. Simplicity. I love your Tori Amos anecdote. Weird girl, but you gotta love her originality, songwriting, vocals, and piano chops.

    Unfortunately, i don't think the girl I used will have music in her future. She has a good voice, but no musical interests apart from that. She doesn't play an instrument, or even write lyrics. She does, however, have great confidence. She wasn't flustered one bit being in a recording atmosphere, and it was her first time! That impressed me the most. She handled it like an old pro. I know vocalists who have been singing for 20+ years who still get flustered in the studio.

    As far as technical stuff goes I don't know what you consider "pro", but here is the rundown of what I used:

    1) Everything was run through a Universal Audio Solo 610 Preamp

    2) My vox was recorded with a Charter Oak 538 LDC. Her vox was recorded with the Charter Oak 538 as well, along with, a Neumann TLM 103

    3) Acoustic guitar was a cheapo Art & Lutherie with a Blue Blueberry LDC as well as a DI signal run from the pickup through the UA Pre. I eq'd the DI signal kind of funky, and mixed with the natural mic signal. Used light compression on both with Sonitus plugins as well as some reverb on the mic'd track.

    4) egg shaker through the Blue Blueberry LDC and UA pre. Sonitus reverb

    5) Kick drum is Superior Drummer 2.0 with the Customs & Vintage pack. i believe it is the 22" Oaklawn kick. Played on a Roland TD-9 electronic kit as a MIDi controller.

    6) Electric Piano is the Native Instruments "Vintage Keys" VSTi. It is the Mark I with the "old school" preset.

    I use Sonar Producer 9.5 (I am an old-school Cakewalk guy from way back-----brand loyal)

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