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What in the hell is this pop filter, watch this video!

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by multoc, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen wrapped around a microphone, in a professional setting no less!
  2. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    I sure as hell couldn't make out what it was. Looks kinda like a bug zapper. Depending upon who you have singing, this could come in majorly handy - especially on what appears to be a Brauner.

    I will say that Helena Bonham Carter is getting better looking as she ages though...
  3. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    Ha this is true sir;)

    I watched another video where Johnny Depp is singing and in that clip they're using a standard "black pantyhose" pop filter over the same microphone. ...curious...but I will say as my mother owns that soundtrack (her love for Johnny Depp never ceases to amaze me lol), I can tell you whatever microphone that is, the clarity is amazing.
  4. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    That's a Brauner
  5. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    Yeah I see that from the shape/shockmount, though I'm still puzzled by that cage of a windscreen
  6. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Interestingly enough, Jeremy, that IS a "Bug-Zapper", based on a design I presented to Dirk a couple of years ago. He had confided to me that he was getting mics returned to him for servicing that were grossing out his staff. Remnants of human expectorants and other airborne mattter were clogging the delicate metal mesh windscreens. And even more atrocious, some of this debris was making its' way to the actual capsule, evidently attracted by its' polarization! This was never an issue when his mics were used to record orchestral performances, but now with their proliferation in the ungodly world of pop vocals, this was unacceptable and downright disgusting.
    Anyway, I suggested that by modifying an off-the-shelf Bug Zapper (available at any Wal-Mart), those pestulent particulants of pflegm could easily be disintegrated before they ever reached the mic. All he had to do was add my patented Z-4 Oscillator to the positive terminal of the power supply inside the Zapper. This would eliminate any electrical interferences with the external polarization of the capsule, as well as any RFI issues regarding eddie currents around the mics' internal PCB. He took my advice, and VOILA!! The new and improved Brauner "Schnott Zappa" was born!!
    And, yes, HBC is looking like a major Victorian concubine tart in an 1800's kinda way. I'd love to watch those gorgeous locks bob up and down...
  7. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    It must still be cold in Florida...................

    Methinks that this is IN FACT the windscreen that is made by Brauner. I have seen two sites where it has a model number and a price but NO PIC. It looks to be along the lines of that windscreen that The Beatles used and was developed at EMI many years back(1964). They called them spitscreens, and only used them on the U47/48 Neumanns as these mics are very sensitive to moisture.
  8. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    I don't think it gets that cold in Florida.....
  9. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    BRRRRR..it was 20 degrees Thursday morning, I'm gettin' cabin fever here! The fumes.....from the electric heat..........going to my.....brain.....
    must invent ....more.....stories...
  10. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    HBC is sure easier on the eyes than Angela Lansbury would have been in 1979 at the tender age of 54 (though
    Angela was a babe in the 40's). But I wish I had gone to see this on Broadway back in the day.
  11. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I forgot we Southerners tend to think of a 24 hour period under 60 degrees as Winter:)
  12. TheFraz

    TheFraz Active Member

    made me want to go back and see the movie again.
    big 7.1 mixes of music are so much fun to listen to.
  13. It looks similar to what I have seen on the new Neumann U87 Anniversary Edition in the new Sweetwater catalog.

    It looks like two types of mesh to catch anything literally thrown at it.
  14. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    I think it may be one of those AMS/Calrec/Sound Field microphones? If I got that right? Probably not?

    Good metal mesh pop filter screens, available at your local grocery store. Three for $9. Keeps that bacon grease from getting all over your microphones.

    Now I know where Stedman got his.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  15. It has got me thinking about using a small strainer for pasta.


    Or maybe a top for a frying pan that stops the grease splatter.

  16. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    This was exactly what I was talking about


    This is not a screen like the strainer (which I wouldn't bother with). This is a piece of punched aluminum. Really, it's not a screen at all but is made up a very small Venetian blind like louvers which directs the blast of air up or down. This is identical to the Steadman. These splatter screens are frequently found in the food stores for 3 in a package of small medium & large for around nine dollars. I've actually modified my AKG 414 shock mount to include some of this screen, inside the pop filter head. It works great! Because it has a handle on it, you can just gaff tape it to a microphone stand. It's actually more transparent than nylon stockings.

    Where's my pantyhose???
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  17. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    We beat you to it. Go to your "dollar store" and grab a "splatter screen".
    If they don't have one, let me know. I sell 'em cheap, USPS. Strap it to your gooseneck (pardon the expression!), stretch a piece of fishnet over it (ditto) and strap it to the stand...I use 1" hose clamps. Bug Zapper is extra...
  18. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    We beat you to it. Go to your "dollar store" and grab a "splatter screen".
    If they don't have one, let me know. I sell 'em cheap, USPS. Strap it to your gooseneck (pardon the expression!), stretch a piece of fishnet over it (ditto) and strap it to the stand...I use 1" hose clamps. Bug Zapper is extra...

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