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What is the BEST MoBo/CPU/RAM Combo for DAW's?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Joe_G, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Joe_G

    Joe_G Guest

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and I was hoping to get some help with a DAW that I am going to be building.

    I have one right now, old, out of date, made with spare parts, and I am not happy with it. Now that tax time is upon us and my nice refund is eminent, I have begun researching for some sweet gear.

    I have always noticed how gamer rigs tend to offer the best of best, when it comes to fast everything. I am thinking that one of these gamer type setups would work very well for audio production, but there are so many out there, I have no idea where to start.

    Which Motherboard/CPU/RAM combination would work best for Digital Audio Production? Please let me know both your personal opinions and factual standpoints, if you don't mind.

    Thanks for reading and more thanks for replying!
  2. dpd

    dpd Active Member

    I think it depends on the DAW software you plan to use. If you go ProTools, surf over here:

  3. Joe_G

    Joe_G Guest

    I looked into it, but I doubt I would use ProTools since I can't afford it and I have no idea how to use it. I am mainly familiar with SONAR and Adobe Audition. I have been using them for a while and have grown comfortable with the software and enjoy the sound quality I get out of the recordings.
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    intel P35, X38 chipset boards.
    no Asus or Abit.
    what ever 1333 FSB or quad you can afford
    any name brand memory

  5. Joe_G

    Joe_G Guest

    Hey man thanks a lot. I almost got an Abit one. I looked into the intel p35's and you're right, they are better than abit, thanks again!
  6. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    Asus here with an Athlon64 3200+.

    Never a hiccup.
  7. Glide

    Glide Active Member

    Great thread - I am looking at getting a new box also.
  8. Joe_G

    Joe_G Guest

    Here is the link for the one that I am interested in getting. Based on what you guys see, will it work well for digital audio production and is it a good deal?

  9. BrianaW

    BrianaW Active Member

    (Dead Link Removed)

    Maybe use the stuff that's in there? Commie is back baby. :)

    Wow... that is a great deal from Tiger Direct!
  10. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    I miss my C-64!

    Basic programming language, blue screen (not of death), big fat flashing cursor...
  11. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    poke 53281,0
  12. Joe_G

    Joe_G Guest

    DUDE, that is a sick PC. I had never heard of that processor, thanks!
  13. Space

    Space Well-Known Member


    Several concerns, if this were of interest to me as a purchase. The above report reads that this board has active chipset cooling for north/south bridge. More noise to an already noisy situation.

    I've had Via northbridge on boards that produced crackling and pops. Not the kind that you get at the local movie house here at Exit4 either. Although I have a Via board now that does not produce this issue, it has in the past. So I tend to lean towards Intel when looking at the specs on a board but Via is a lower cost option.

    With that in my mind...this board has an NVidia Northbridge. You are on your own as to if this will work in an audio/video recording environment or not.

    I would not even entertain the onboard (realtek) audio as part of your recording setup. Disable it and get some mo better audio hardware.

    And, you will need a video card. Isn't that funny? Nvidia, known for making video cards, develops a mainboard with...no video.
  14. Glide

    Glide Active Member

    Still have my C=64 I bought new in 1981 and she runs like a top. Still have all of the EagleSoft Software on floppys too - especially Raid On Bungeling Bay.

    I had no idea they were coming out with a modern day powerhouse - Thanks for the link.
  15. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    Raid On Bungeling Bay - Good one!

    Blue Max, Bruce Lee, the Ultima franchise - lot's of late nights playing those titles!

    Especially Ultima 3 & 4!!!

    Hell, now that I think of it, I had all of the BGM from Ultima 4 recorded on a cassette tape!

  16. the_scort

    the_scort Guest

    how bout a mac pro??? even the base one is 8-core now, w/ 2gigs ram. it'd probably do the trick for most applications! (runs windows now too! Also it gives you the option of using logic which is one of the better DAWs
  17. Some good websites are tigerdirect.com and newegg.com ...i used to be a computer gaming dork, so I've spent countless hours scouring the internet for cheap prices. There is several tiny factors that make a huge difference, but I wouldn't worry too much about that (i.e. ram latency, etc)

    I'd say just be sure to get atleast the following:

    Dual core processor
    2GB of DDR2 ram (600 or higher)
    Sata Harddrive
  18. Glide

    Glide Active Member

    [Dork 2]

    And what about Lode Runner and transferring files at 300 baud and then when the big 1200 baud modem came out we moved up to blistering speed. I also put reset buttons on the front of my 1541 drives....open15,8,15....

    [/Dork 2]
  19. Joe_G

    Joe_G Guest

    Okay, so the other day I ran into a dude who was running a MoBo that had 8 friggin GB's of RAM in it, strictly for digital audio! He also mentioned that when you are doing the whole DAW thing that RAM is where it's at because you're music runs through the RAM memory, so the more you have the smoother things run. I have no idea if he was right or not? Also he told me the make and name of his MoBo but I was too preoccupied to write it down and I cannot remember it to save my life. The thing is this cat does all this complicated DJ'ing and sampling, all I want to do is regular drums, bass, guitar, vox stuff. So I don't think that I would NEED that much RAM, maybe something that can support 4 or 6, anyone have any info on MoBo's that support this?

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