What is your favorite reverb unit

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by anonymous, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    What is your favorite reverb unit?
  2. LittleDogAudio

    LittleDogAudio Active Member

    Here's a crazy one. The Ibanez SDR-1000. Yep you heard me right Ibanez.

    One of the most realistic fake verbs to my ears.

    Loved and missed.

  3. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    OH WOW!! really??

    My last professional road rack when I was playing a lot of guitar had one of those,a Roland SDE3000 Dig Delay,A Groove Tubes Tube Pre,And an SPX90....pretty cool for 1983 huh.All through a !972 Fender Pro-Reverb and a 1965 Vox tube Cambridge.I really liked that old Ibanez reverb...I think I know where theres still one sitting for sale cheap.

    My favorite reverb.....Gotham Plate ...about 12 feet long..
  4. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    While I've always liked the Ibanez SDR-1000, I prefer the previous version when Sony was making them - The MUR-201 that I've had for many yeas along with the rare optional remote that I just happen to also own.

    I'm an effects slut so I don't have a single favorite reverb as reverb to me is like spice and different spice is used for different dishes.

    For reverb specific chores and units that I've used dozen of times, I would include the Sony MUR-201, R7 & DRE-S777, Roland R880 & SRV-2000, Lexicon 480L and M300. TC M5000, AMS RMX-16, SPX-900, AKG ADR 68K, original Ursa Major Space Station, Quantec QRS, EMT 140 Plate, original Eventide SP2016, DSP4500 & DSP7000.
  5. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Distinguished Member

    live chamber, plate, EMT250, RMX, 480, PCM70
  6. aykut

    aykut Guest

    Lexicon 960,TC M3000
  7. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    What is the difference in the "original" SP2016 Vs the "new" SP2016?
    I was gonna get one of these newer ones soon.
  8. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    The new one has a nicer interface, digital I/O better converters, modern DSP and an additional reverb.
  9. karbomusic

    karbomusic Active Member

    Mine was an old empty living room with hardwood floors that I made a reverb chamber out of. I drilled a few holes in the floor to run cables for the mics and speaker that fed the room. (It was a rental house :)) I really miss that thing. I would hang blankets on the walls and change mic positions to adjust the reverb but that was the only "button" it had.

    It was a true band house.... We moved in right after some friends of ours got their (short lived) record deal. Firehouse is the name they used when they moved but were soon steamrolled by the popularity of grunge. We moved in right behind them, many bands lived there over the years. The company who rented it was very cool as that house was modified for recording music in so many ways and they never complained (too much)...

    It was lucky to even have walls left in the end...

    Best regards-

  10. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    If I am correct, Firehouse is from VA.
    Are you from VA? I partyed at the drummer's house in the Eastend right after they had quite a bit of money, in a big ass white house off Elko Rd.
    I believe his name was Mike Foster
  11. karbomusic

    karbomusic Active Member

    Yep, Mikey Foster... Great guy. Yes, he and Bill Leverty (gtr) were from Virginia but they moved to Charlotte, NC in the late 80's early 90's and formed "White Heat" with Carl "CJ" Snare (singer) and Perry Richardson( Bass). The RC made them change their name to FireHouse when they got their deal but I always new them as White Heat... They moved back to VA after they got some real cash flowing...

    I think Perry is from Myrtle Beach, SC where I now reside but I can't find him around anymore. I ran into him before moving to MB but havent' seen him since.

    Anyhoo... They lived in Charlotte until they moved on and I moved in to their old house. I had a little band at the time that was fortunate enough to do all their opening gigs for a couple of years, until they headed to Cali with thier deal... Mike and Perry were by far the coolest guys to hang out and jam with. Some of the most down to earth guys I ever met and partied with.

    CJ was from my area (charlotte). I used to watch him sing with a heavy metal cover band called "Max Warrior" all through the 80's. You know back in the days when all the cover bands were doing Judas Priest etc, etc... Last time I spoke with Perry he really wanted to play Country, maybe that is where he is now as I haven't seen him in awhile....

    Those were fun days...

    Best regards-

  12. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    AKG BX 20!

    never thought a spring reverb could sound better than a plate....

    some of the EMT plates are wonderful too!
  13. Fruition2k

    Fruition2k Active Member

    Favorite I've ever heard?...an EMT 250, the day I heard it I said
    Lexi-who? I also had the pleasure o watching the maint tech drop both sides and fix it somehow during a session at Criteria.

    A unit that I own but doesnt work, my old Master Room XL500 triple spring reverb in stereo, (6 elements in a 4 ft rosewood veneer box) and had parametric eq for both channels and had plate, room or hall selection independent of left or right channels. So you could have hall on the left channel and plate on the right or any combination along with variable decay times. Bought it in 1985 for $500, they were $4,000 new in 1980. A little noisy but smoooooooooooth like nothing else I've heard.
    Still have it (Mike Fossenkemper will laugh if he reads this as we were roommates going to Full Sail in 1988 - had it the closet in our apt we shared then! Along with my AT 4 track setup!)
    Mike...I still have this beast! lol !
    I should post a picture of it, I can honestly say its a rare piece..
  14. eddies880

    eddies880 Guest

    Alesis Quadraverb----------I used to use it in my guitar rack "back in the day"-----maybe mid 80s
    If Im not mistaken,I believe I traded the drummer a bag of "something" for the Quad.
    I had an empty slot in my recording rack,so I decided to take the dust off the Quad and give,er a try------much to my suprise----the s.o.b. works great!
    I did,however,have to desinfect the thing---------it had the odor of the classic club smell------------beer,cigs,barf :cool:
  15. bounce

    bounce Guest

    whoa, that's freaky. i used to see firehouse at this ol' dirty rock club called baity's backstreet in winston-salem, n.c.
    back then i was playing in a funk band called Marble Faun (don't ask)- hee hee. uh oh- the word is out!
    that was around the time of sugarcreek and what was the other big regional act that toured? can't remember...anyone? i've recorded a good bit in charlotte. back then the big studio was Reflections, i believe. i had a GREAT friend who had a studio in Charlotte (mike hillian, he was a world class musician and a first class human being- a true inspiration to everyone who knew him) who was recently shot and killed in his studio there by some unknown bad person for some unknown reason. i miss mike, great great fellow. his wife is great as well. i have only met one of his daughters (his other 2 children are new to this earth). life is very unusual.

    okay, back to topic, i'm gonna have to say altiverb (okay it's a plug-in but it's the first simulated reverb i've gotten excited about in a billion years).

  16. karbomusic

    karbomusic Active Member

    wow. WS is my original home town. I remember baities. Played there many times. I remember opening for xyz there in the early nineties. Maybe, firehouse to at baities but cant remember. Mike H. sounds familiar, I will have to ask around about him. What was the name of his studio? Can't remember what the other regional band was unless you mean Sidewinder. Remember them?

    Best regards-

  17. bounce

    bounce Guest

    holy crap, sidewinder! that's it! crazy. i haven't heard that name in a billion years. what about pegasus (with grant blair and eric marshal)? hee hee...takes ya back, yowza. mike's studio used to be media lab or something like that, then he changed the name to audio- something, i believe- it escapes me right now...great great guy. just great. we were in bands together (one with john pfiffner, know him?)

    i used to live in W-S, went to the N.C. school of the Arts for music yada yada...been in L.A. now 10 years or more...

  18. karbomusic

    karbomusic Active Member

    Amazing... The Vandals, Stratus, PKM, Jessie Bolt, Nantuket...the list goes on! Reliable Music remember it? John P sounds familiar, who'd he play with?, Robin Brown was a good friend if you remember her from Sidewinder... Hope im not screwing up "its that guy's" thread... Maybe I'll PM ya with some more names.... Animal Bag... , Jimmy Saviano, Allan Burton...., "Moorhead Junction", Dixie electric co, Park Elevator/ 1313 club, johnny rockets, the spongetones..... man too many names, bands to mention! We must have run into each other somewhere back then....

    Pegasus, Grant & Eric ring a bell but may be a year or two before I arrived...

    Best regards-

  19. huub

    huub Guest

    used to be the lexi 480l, and for some stuff the ams rmx16..
    but now for sure the waves ir1..
  20. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Damn Chris, I looked that one up. They re-sell (used) for around $150. And it is still worth talking about today?
    Is there any reason that Sony and Ibanez didn't keep a line for the SDR's going? And the reviews for the unit were 9.5 on a ten scale. FYI---I want to add some good effect units to my list, and thats the main reason for this post....
    sing along everybody
    ....I finally found the love of a lifetime :roll:

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