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What mike would be the best .....

Discussion in 'Recording' started by peterpan, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Hello everybody ! I am new on this site....At the moment I would like to have some full advice about which of these studio microphones is the best (for a male voice that could be compared to Elvis', Sinatra's....)

    1/ AKG C 400 B
    2/ AT 3060
    3/ StudioProjects TB1

    Thank you in advance...
  2. jazzman_in_pa

    jazzman_in_pa Active Member

    None of the above.

    IIRC, Sinatra used a U47. The closest mics to that today are the Soundelux E47 or the BLUE Cactus or BLUE Bottle with the B7 capsule.
  3. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    I hope you 'll accept my apologies !!
    When I discovered this forum, and posted here for the first time, I already had started this same thread on other sites.... (UAD forum: Art of recording: Which brand for a mike (vocal)** Macmusic.org: (English section: Studio hardware: same title...). And it turned out that this subject captured the interest of lots of people, many rather brilliant.... so that I spent most of my spare time on these sites... once again : sorry ......
    (This is not a suggestion for you leave this forum !! don't mistake !!
    As of today, here is where I am at:
    it appears that the following mics are the most frequently recommended ones:
    - Studio Projects: C3, TB1, T3.
    - RODE NT2, NTK
    - V69 M (Mogami)
    At the upper floor:
    - Neumann TLM 103
    - as musicalhair put it: the big choice would be Blueberry...
    My question now is:
    - regarding to the price/quality ratio, which one of these would you choose ??
    - regardless of the price which one would be your choice ??
    Consider that the voice to be recorded is something between Elvis, Sinatra, and Dean Martin....
    Thank you all for the replies you posted !!
  4. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Hi Jazzman....
    Wandering through the web, I saw that Brauner boasts Sinatra recorded with a Brauner mic (I forgot whether it was a Phantom C....) maybe he just tried for a while !!
    Thank you anyway !!
    :) :)
  5. Bill Park

    Bill Park Guest


    If you can compare it to Elvis, how can you compare it to Sinatra? And vice versa?


    A lot of studios thsat do not have the good fortune to already own a stack of vintage Neumanns and AKGs are buying mics from Brauner, Korby, Lawson, etc, each of whom makes fine mics in classic styles from the past. You won't go wrong to investigate these choices if you have the budget to support them.

    Otherwise, look at the oprions in your price range and ask again.

  6. CaptainMark

    CaptainMark Guest

    If I had a limited budget but wanted to capture that kind of sound, I would try a Shure SM7. I think that's a better bet than a budget condenser mic - they tend to sound a bit harsh.
  7. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    In the same vein would be the EV RE20....deep rich and resonant.SM7 very good....One of the nice aspects to a great dynamic is the low self noise.Through a decent preamp a quality dynamic can go places with a voice that only the highest end condensers can equal.

    An relatively affordable condenser that may be able to give you that dark clarity would be the ADK A48....Under a grand on the street.Voice would probably be its strong suit more than instruments and a particular voice may be more to its liking.This is a mic that wont sound 'right' with just any voice.But on the right voice it is golden.
  8. chessparov

    chessparov Active Member

    Hi Peter, here are some examples of what Elvis and Sinatra used;

    Elvis: RCA 77 (Sun recordings)
    Electro-Voice models RE15, RE16, EV 635a
    (RCA recordings)

    Sinatra: RCA 44 (Columbia)
    U47 tube (Capitol)
    Beyer M500 (Reprise)
    Shure 546 (Reprise) his main mic there
    EV RE15 (Reprise)
    Shure SM57 "Duets" (label?)

    As Bill basically said, Elvis' voice and Sinatra's were quite different. Also Sinatra's microphone technique was phenomenal and Elvis was much weaker
    in that regard. (both great singers certainly!)

    My voice is pretty much the same range/tone as Sinatra's albeit somewhat mellower.

    At NAMM, the Studio Projects T3 sounded like a knockout on it FWIW. Stood right up to my other
    faves, the Telefunken USA reproduction of the
    '251, and the Manley Reference Gold. They were terrific too, each with different coloration.

    Hope this helps.


    P.S. Just scored a mint Shure 546 off e-bay, due
    to arrive soon.
  9. chessparov

    chessparov Active Member

    Just remembered...

    "Duets" was on Capitol.

  10. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Of course I agree with that statement !!
    But I did not say that my voice was LIKE Elvis or Sinatra's !! I said it was between... just a way to say that, depending on the tune it sounds sometimes like Elvis' and sometimes like Sinatra's... does that make sense to you ?? :)
  11. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    I am still going on my quest...
    My price range is from 400 to 700 $. So I think (Hi Chessparov ! :) ) The T3 could be a real good choice, that's it ??
    On the other hand, I heard so enthusiastic comments about the Blue mics, specially the Blueberry, that maybe I could wait a while and save money to buy it ???
    I'll look on the web about the EV, which I never heard of...
    Thanks to all,
    Peter :c:
  12. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Thank you for the info Chessparov.
    How come you are so aware of all this ??? :)


  13. Bill Park

    Bill Park Guest

  14. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    blue mics can work wonders on certain voices but don't sound so good on others- in your price range (and your vocal range) I would rent a baby bottle (500 street) dragon fly (700) blueberry (1K) and see if one of those do the trick- sometimes the baby bottle is just right...
  15. chessparov

    chessparov Active Member

    Peter, my thinking is that if certain microphones worked well for certain singers, then they would probably be fine on me with a similar sound-hence the research.

    For example, a singing friend of mine sounds reminiscient of Steve Tyler and Paul Rodgers, so I expected him to sound excellent on my SM57 (he did) as both these singers do.

    With a $700 budget, I'd make sure to include trying the SP T3. There are probably dealers out there with a liberal return policy if you don't have a local dealer handy. If you get good dynamic microphones, like the ones listed, used you can normally get what you paid for them (sometimes more!). So those are easy to try out with hardly any risk involved, if you're careful.

    What kind of mic pre and/or mixer are you using?
    You'll need phantom power on most condensers.

  16. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Maintiger, I think I 'll follow your advice. But I'll also compare with the T3, which has very very good reviews anywhere on the net

    If you wish so, send me your address and I'll send you a CD, just for you to see (hear) that things are not always clearly cut.
  17. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Hi Chris, your post went in as I was writing mine!!
    My current mic (I'm ashamed...):
    Audiotechnica ATM 10a (very small)
    My preamp is UK made: Hooter Sounds B1 (has compressor, noise gate, limiter,and phantom power too...)
  18. chessparov

    chessparov Active Member

    Peter, sorry didn't pay attention till now that you're in France. It would be smart then to go to
    Studio Projects website to locate the international dealers in your area.
    Alan has his own forum here BTW (PMI).

    At the NAMM show in Anaheim, I hung out for a bit with Alan, Brent, and Justin at their SP booth.
    While there (ham that I am!) sang for several pro studio owners/engineers, and the head of a music department in a Northern California college
    (he sounded great through the T3-fellow singer).

    As a result (or in spite of heh heh) the vocal "demonstration" two of the three said they were getting a T3 for sure, and the other was going to try to talk his business partner into getting one.

  19. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Thank you Chris for locating me !! ;)
    As for SP dealers I already know where to find them... nevertheless, advices of outside, independant people is what I'm looking for, and that's the interest of forums such as this one!!
    BTW could you give me he address of Alan's site, if you have it ??
    Thank you very much,

  20. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    I forgot to ask you one thing Chris: when it comes to record vocal, and only vocal, is the sound of T3 really different from TB1 (only cardoid while its big brother is multi pattern)??

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