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What speakers do you recommend??

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by soxoff, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. soxoff

    soxoff Guest

    I am currently a college student and as you would have guessed I'am short on cash. I recently bought the software program REASON, and i have no speakers.

    So my question is what speakers do you recommend????

    My budget is around $100-$150

    Thanks ahead of time for the help!
  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    There are no good or great speakers in your price range. There are headphones in that price range (ATH-M50 for instance). Computer speaker 'systems' by definition are not really hi fidelity or meant for professional sound purposes.
  3. soxoff

    soxoff Guest

    Can i just buy regular PC speakers with a subwoofer and just go with that???? Im just making beats.

    Not really at the point where i need to record. Just making beats with the Software thats all
  4. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    If you're going to go with computer speakers then whatever you buy will be the same as the next.
  5. soxoff

    soxoff Guest

    Can it be done though without losing too much quality?
  6. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    If your definition of quality is anywhere near mine, then in short-no.
  7. soxoff

    soxoff Guest

    whats your definition of quality?

    For me my definition of quality is for now; Speakers that give me good sound to make beats.
  8. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Speakers won't make you lose quality. The file you output will be the same quality regardless of the speakers used.

    But the speakers will affect your ability to decide how to mix it. Example: you get a subwoofer. So you think "man that kick drum is too hot" and you turn it down a little. Now you take it to some crap CD player and bam, no kick drum. Real speakers are designed so you can judge the balance better.

    Quality is a BS concept. Anyone and anything can have "superior quality" and "be professional". Use your ears and learn what mix decisions don't translate well; then cheap speakers can just about work.

    [Just another quality thought from a modest uber-professional]
  9. Jeemy

    Jeemy Well-Known Member

    A cheap pair of harmon kardons with a subwoofer will do you fine. Really you just want to spend as little as possible for an interim measure until you can buy something decent. For an interim measure, if you can listen to, say, an Underworld track and hear the intracies, this will be fine for your own needs. I like Banstyle / Sappy's Curry - if you can pick out the detail on your speakers, you're fine.

    When you do buy speakers you'll want to spend $500 minimum, I have used the MSP5s and thought they were fantastic, I wish I'd never sold them. The NHT M-00s have had a couple of proponents recently and they are designed for exactly what you are looking for, they are $249 each and they often have clearance on their site, so some options there.
  10. CoyoteTrax

    CoyoteTrax Well-Known Member

    +1 on the Kardon's

    Another line you might check into is the altec lansing stuff. Their subs are really decent and their surround systems are very cool and very affordable - even the higher end of the lansing line which I like and use. If you have a way to power your speakers I really like the JBL Control 1's (which I power with an old Sansui AU-505), and about any old stereo power amp will do.
  11. Johnny_B

    Johnny_B Guest

    Sure, why not?
    I mean you could also use .99 cent headphones found in the Wal-Mart bargin bin as well...

    Point is:
    -your mixes will be harder to mix properly because the monitors will not be accurate...

    If your budget is only 150.00 max search Craigslist and learn to negotiate, then learn your inaccurate monitors to the best of your ability.
  12. Johnny_B

    Johnny_B Guest

    No offense bro, but that isn't quality to me.

    Quality to me:
    -Flat frequency response
    -Features to cancel out flaws in your room

    Above all else, monitors won't due by themselves.
    Room treatment is in order above all else.

    If you really want "good sound" to make beats with
    you probably won't need expensive speakers at all...

    Check out Amazon for m-audio's lower end line.
    I saw a pair of decent speakers (for playback) at 170.00 for the pair.
    Piano black cabinet, and around 5-6inch woofer.
  13. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    I don't recommend any computer system speakers at all. A big no-no. If anything, I would recommend a lower range KRK pair of powered monitors. They are smaller versions come close to your budget. They are far more realistic for recording applications than any computer speaker systems. I love my small KRK V6 powered monitors along with my unpowered Rock-it. These are monitors with 6 inch & 7 inch woofers and I don't use them with any subs. You really don't need the subs. If you create a muddy mix, you'll know it. They are nice and tight sounding and translate well. Personally, I don't like mixing with subs even though I have. They have a tendency to not be very realistic for the end product. IMHO.

    Very happy JBL & KRK user
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  14. CoyoteTrax

    CoyoteTrax Well-Known Member

    To address this post of yours soxoff, that you're just making beats right now and want to have some fun and practice the art of making beats, the simple answer is "yes". Pop the whole $100 on a cool pc speaker set and go for it. Later when you want to get into recording or serious mixing you'll know when the time is right to take a "next level" look at things.

    IMO it's nice to shop for speakers if you can at a place that lets you listen to all the speakers they're selling so you can determine for yourself which has the sound you feel is the highest quality. Check out walmart man and see if they have something you feel is solid.

    Remy has a good point about the sub's. You do want a sub because you'll want your beats to have an impactful sub-freq quality for sure. Just be careful how much volume is in the sub because they can really fool you. Make cd's of your beats once in a while and listen to the cd on your headphones or in your car to "check" yourself. Also, if your just making beats, as you've said, I feel headphones are awesome and you should also have an inexpensive set of headphones. Just my 2 cents.

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