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What to buy First, Keyboard or MPC?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by thepooch, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. thepooch

    thepooch Guest

    I’m just beginning, so excuse my ignorance?
    I make Rap/Hip-Hop Beats, soon to be R&B. I know I would like either a Yamaha Motif or Roland V-Synth (Why the V-Synth? Cause the main producer’s getting a Motif rack already). I would also like to get the Roland MV-8000 MPC to build on to what we will have. But it would be in my possession. Which should I buy first, the most expensive but very helpful to our studio (Roland MV-8000), or the Motif/V-Synth and start making beats and add the MPC later.

    Second Question:
    Is the MPC mainly just a sequencer or mainly a Sampler? And do you feel that it can really make a huge difference or impact on the way we make our music? And would the MPC be easy to learn if you never dealt with one before?
  2. UncleBob58

    UncleBob58 Active Member

    The AKAI MPC series of sequencer/samplers (-60, -3000) are what was originally used back "in the day." The have "the sound". With the memory maxed out the entire production, including the rap, could be done in the box. Married to a Mackie 1604 and an ADAT, that was the basic rappers kit.

    It seems to me that the rap/hip-hop scene is moving away from the loop based sound that was it's original incarnation, although samples of individual sounds are still very much in use. The MPC is easy to use, easily expandable. I've used it as a stand alone and as a sample source only with a variety of Mac based sequencers.

    Make your decision based upon what you want to do, and not what you think may be complimentary with the people you are currently working with. They may not be there next week.

    Good luck
  3. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    I love the MPC series. You can always count on Akai drum machines to provide the "essence of the groove".
  4. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    MPC 4000 all the way. The more I learn about this thing, the better I get at being creative
  5. thepooch

    thepooch Guest

    I would like to make music now, and being that the keyboard and the MPC costing almost the same I wanted to know exactly where should I lean. But if I get the keyboard, I should be able to deal with that alone and be more than satisfied. But being that our main producer may be my room mate in the future (but it's not finale; the decission's on me) I was thinking it would be good if I got the MPC while he gets the Motif Rack. Then again...he's going to be using our groups profit on the motif, so if we want the mpc, he should do the same. Me personally I would like the MPC, but it may be more benificial if I get the Roland V-Synth. Cause If we're in the same house having a Motif rack, he may buy the MPC, then I should get the V-Synth. I hope I didn't confuse any of you. What do you think I should do? I like being different, that's why I was siding with the V-Synth.

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