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What's next?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by soapfloats, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. soapfloats

    soapfloats Well-Known Member

    Below is a list of my limited mic and preamp selection.
    I've built my gear collection over about a year.
    Most are "cheapo" buys - still, I did some research and made the best choices I could considering a VERY limited budget.
    Of course, this doesn't include monitors, power amp, compressors, etc.

    What I need help with is: what should be my next area of focus to improve/upgrade my system? I use Cubase SX3 currently, and will likely upgrade that soon regardless.
    Let's assume I know I want some quality, high-end outboard gear (excluding pre's), and exclude those.

    I know the space matters, so: I currently rent the sanctuary (w/ stage) of an old church in town. Great for natural 'verb and big drums.

    The list:
    Sytek MPX-4Aii w/ Burr Brown ICs
    Presonus Firestudio 26/26 IO
    Presonus Digimax LT
    Behringer ULTRAGAIN PRO MIC2200
    Presonus Tube Pre
    Presonus BlueTube DP

    Nady RSM-5 x2, MXL 3000 LD Condenser, MXL 990 x2, MXL 603s x2, AT2020, Blue Ball, SM57 x4, Shure Beta 52, CAD KBM 412, CAD TSM 411 x3, Radial JDI, Behringer GI100 x2

    Again, I know - cheap mics and pres for the most part.

    Finally, let's assume I'm looking in the $300-$1500 range - less for mics, more for pre's, and I'll make exceptions for multichannel pres.

    Thanks for any input you have!

  2. soapfloats

    soapfloats Well-Known Member

    This is sort of an edit to the post.

    1. I am purchasing an MD421 and Bluebird, possibly a TLM 103 as well.
    2. That narrows the question to preamps only.

    The Presonus pres I have work decently well (I've found a few mic matches that I like w/ the tube pres). In particular (and oddly enough), the MXL 3000 w/ the BlueTube renders nice scratch vox, some of which ended up being keepers.
    However, I would like some better ones to use for the more important inputs. Read: drums first, then vox and gui amp, since they can be overdubbed.
    I have a Sytek 4Aii w/ Burr Brown ICs which I plan to use for OHs and toms, assuming I use the new pres on the kick/snare and others.

    Essentially, I am looking for (eventually) 4-8 channels of preamp at $300-$800 per channel.

    Hope this makes the question a little more focused.
    And please, if I've missed something or made an error in judgement, let me know!
  3. hackenslash

    hackenslash Active Member

    TLA Ivory Quad gets my vote. Falls right within your price point and sounds fab.
  4. soapfloats

    soapfloats Well-Known Member

    Hack -
    Checked it out - that's a nice suggestion, based on what I could find.
    I'll have to see if I can find one here I can test.

    I'm also thinking about Focusrite, FMR Audio RNP, Vintech, and some mod'd Yamaha pm 1000s.

    Thoughts, anyone?

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