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What's the deal with Studio Projects C1?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by warlock, Jul 17, 2001.

  1. warlock

    warlock Guest

    What's the catch? it costs only $300 but the .wav samples on http:// where they compared it to these mics:
    AKG C414-EB, stock U87, Klaus Heyne 87, U-67
    I was blown away. it has excactly the sound I've been looking for! My AKG C4000B sounds like the 414 so I think a C1 would be a great addition to my mics. It's cheap, but it's still an investment so I'd like to know is it a good one?
  2. dbock

    dbock Guest

    So the .wav file of that mic sounded better...and digitalprosound has no interest in selling mics?
    Could be a shell game.
    But more importantly, $300 as an "investment"? Would you drive a $300 car and call it an investment?
  3. warlock

    warlock Guest

    Hey, if it's my money even $20 in a cable is an investment :)

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