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Whats wrong with my recording? Audio-Technica AT2035 + Lexicon Alpha

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by woodygotem, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. woodygotem

    woodygotem Active Member

    I just purchased a Audio-Technica AT2035
    and Lexicon Alpha Preamp/Interface whichever one
    but when I try to record with records the right stereo only, and doesnt record in mono
    So what could be my problem
    I have a NADY SMPS phantom to power the mic btw

    Please help in any way
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Which software are you using? Have you set the inputs to be separate mono channels rather than a stereo pair?
  3. woodygotem

    woodygotem Active Member

    I been using Sony Vegas, Adobe Audition CS6, and Audacity
    I don't know where I can set separate mono channels, are you talking about in the program I use?
  4. DaleVO

    DaleVO Active Member

    How are you connecting the Nady to the Alpha, to the computer? Is it Mic> Nady> Alpha> USB to computer? How are you cabling the Nady and Alpha? (Ie. XLR to XLR, XLR to 1/4" cable, etc. and where are you connecting Mic In, Line 1 In, Line 2 In)

    How are you determining it is right channel only? Seeing it in the DAW, hearing it through one speaker/ear piece in your headphones? If it is recording only right channel, that is "one" channel or Mono. Do you have your DAW set to record a Mono track or Stereo track?

    I have all three pieces of equipment that you mentioned. However, I have never connected all three for recording. My Nady is the SMPS-USB which can be used to power my 2035 and USB the signal to my DAW, without the Alpha. The Alpha's Mic In (on the back) is designed to accept Dynamic Mics and Self-powered Condensors. I personally have never tried to use it in the configuration that I think you are trying to accomplish.
  5. woodygotem

    woodygotem Active Member

    My nady isn't USB, if it is was USB, does that mean that it is powered by the PC, and doesnt require a plug to the wall, or will it was be recongize by the PC as a mic in?

    XLR to XLR
    Mic > Nady > Alpha > PC
    I was really short on cash, and got this interface,
    I plug-in my headphones into the 3.5mm Jack infront of Lexicon Alpha, only heard my voice in one side of the headphones, then I press mono in the middle of Alpha, I heard it threw both sides.
    Oh I didn't know Alpha mic in is only for Dynamic mics and self-powered condensors dummer
    I skipped that and the phantom power when I ordered it

    Any idea how can I also get this Alpha Lexicon to work with Skype, its not picking up sound, I read somewhere about Line out method, but I lost the link, and trying to find it so I can know what parts to get...
  6. DaleVO

    DaleVO Active Member

    My SMPS-USB is powered by an 18v wallwart. The USB only passes the audio signal to the computer. However, my computer sees the rig as an USB external mic when I set the Windows Sound Properties/ Recording Devices. I assume you have the SMPS-1X or maybe 2X version, which is USB-less and externally powered as well.

    Unfortunately, Nady does not provide documentation for the SMPS series. Since the two XLRs on my Nady only say INPUT and OUTPUT, I have to infer that the XLR OUTPUT is a (boosted) Line Level signal, after phantom power is applied. Condensor mics produce signals so small that pre-amplification is required, hence 48vDC phantom power. If my inference is correct, you are trying to connect a XLR with a Line Level signal to the XLR Mic IN, which expects a Mic Level signal. I only use the Nady as a portable mic test rig, and not as a PP source connected to an interface for recording. I have mic pre-amp/processors for recording.

    There was an Alpha manual on lexiconpro.com/system/documents/837/original/Alpha_Manual_18-0346V-D.pdf but its gone now.
    The Mono/Stereo button is MONO -button IN, and Stereo -button OUT. (Page 23) Press the Monitor Assign button so it is in the Mono position. This will let you hear output on both sides of your headphones when recording only one microphone or line level source.

    Have you loaded the latest Alpha drivers, to let the computer recognize the Alpha as your sound card, when you plug in the USB cable?

    As far as configuring it for Skype, someone else will have to chime in, unless you already know. I am not familiar enough with Skype configs, to know if it will see the Alpha as an Audio input. I can only assume that is can be configured to use the Alpha, if the computer recognizes the Alpha (via drivers) as the sound card, since Skype can recognize a headset mic when connected to the internal soundcard.

    Maybe this is TMI. But, I hope it is beneficial.

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