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What's your home studio like?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by pianoman3291, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. pianoman3291

    pianoman3291 Active Member

    I just am curious what other people have in their home studio... I have a small one that i am currently working on and it's finally getting there.
  2. JohnTodd

    JohnTodd Well-Known Member

    Mine is a bedroom, with sheetrock for sound treatment and a layer of paint for dampening!

    Hear that sound? That's the sound of all the real engineers on this forum having a heart attack. duh

    Thank God there is a bed in here to absorb some sound!

    I have to position microphones in very specific places to get a sound that is passable. And I struggle with keeping my computer fans out of the mix!

    During mixing, I use a BOATLOAD of EQ to notch out certain resonances that crappify the sound. I then check my mixes on other equipment outside the room to try and get some real idea of what's going on.

    Here's an example of what I've done recently. Just dropped this one today:

    Suicide Is Painless by John Todd

    Hope this helps!

    PS Did you want to know about gear? Notice all my gripes were about the room itself. Hint...hint...
  3. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member

    Technically... my studio IS a home studio... it's on the same property as my home. duh Does that count? (y)
  4. Guelph_Guy

    Guelph_Guy Active Member

    Well, mine is 10' 2" X 10' 11" with an 84" ceiling ..... The walls are all 2 X 6 staggered studs with 5/8 drywall. filled with 6" of Roxul insulation. My ceiling is 5/8" drywall with 10" of Roxul insulation. There are no windows. The door is a safe and sound door filled with Wheat ( So I'm told).. It has a 60 oz carpet and the room is pretty smooth. I still want some bass traps and some side panels to absorb reflections and a diffuser along the back wall.. There's always something to build.. For myself it suites my needs fine. It's really my man-cave where I can get some piece and quiet - cheers -G
  5. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    mine is all boxed up right now. it's just a basement living room w/ a big tv, bose home theater, some foam that i glued to pegboard and hung up. a couple mics and guitars and a laptop, soon to be mac. all i need at my (parents) house! i don't call it a studio, i call it my basement. it just happens to have some gear down there.
  6. Studio86

    Studio86 Active Member

    Mine is a bedroom with lots of Roxul for acoustic treatment, a pair of Mackie Hr824's,Focusrite Scarlett, POD HD 500, various guitars and basses, and an 8 core AMD machine. All the really fun goodies are at work.
  7. Nosirrah yrag

    Nosirrah yrag Active Member

    converted one section of the house into the home studio.
  8. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Mine is here...http://www.droolindoggrecords.com

    The 'links' aren't up yet. Thats why its still in Latin as a placeholder. I would like to link to any of my friends here. It doesnt matter what the business is. Plenty of bandwidth
  9. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    Treated room in my basement, 2GHZ quadi7 Macbook Pro, Apollo Duo, You Rock Guitar (midi controller), iPad, I could go on.

    Pretty sparse when compared to Davedog's rig.

  10. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    Mine is a detached building (16' X 23' with cathedral ceilings vaulted from 10' to 14') made of sand-filled cinderblock, stucco'ed for aesthetics. The inside is treated with panels of OC703, shrouded in fabric and offset 2" from the wall, alternating with Ethan Winer style bass traps. Corners are treated with 4" thick OC703, straddling the corners and the void stuffed with OC703 scraps. The building is 70 feet from the main house. Between the construction, the separation from the main house, three wooded acres and both neighbors being musicians with studios, I can crank $*^t 24/7.

    The room is not subdivided, so it presents some inconvenience when recording ensembles or drums. That said, most of my work is solo, or producing layered multi-tracked work. The room sounds great for drums, amps, vocals, and acoustic instruments.

    My mics are a Neumann U-89, two Peluso P12 mics, Crown CM700s and lots of dynamics lying around. My preamps are Seventh Circle Audio Neve and API clones and a tube Demeter preamp. My DA is two channels of Apogee Symphony I/O and 8 of a MOTU 896HD. My DAW software is MOTU's Digital Performer and I rely heavily on NI's Komplete bundle for VIs and effects.

    My monitors are DynAudio BM15s, a nasty little boom box and some Audix 1As powered by an old Hafler amp.

    I have a bunch of shitty guitars and, a nice Mesa Boogie DC-2 and Music Man amplifiers.

    I feel very fortunate to have amassed such nice gear and spent as much time out there as I can without feeling like I'm a bad father/husband.
  11. blaumph2cool

    blaumph2cool Active Member

    Awesome man!
  12. flatrat

    flatrat Active Member

    Well, I scored an 800 sf Mother-in-law detached building about 27 steps from the main house. (Awesome commute in my bare feet). I studied up on John Sayers site for the design and construction. I have everything I need for now, 02R96 w/custom desk, Sonar X1 Producer, Aviom headphone mixer, custom drum kit, Chickering piano and enough guitars and tube amps to make any guitar freak happy. And a nice selection of mics....life is good
  13. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    Awesome, Flat!

    What's in your mic locker?

  14. Ephi82

    Ephi82 Member

    My Home Studio/Music room/man cave is a room in the house, about 13' x 12' with 8 foot ceiling and tiled floor. Before I treated, it sounded pretty crappy. I treated all reflection points, created a cloud above mix position, area rugs and have some bass trapping. I did get a lot of the nasties out of it, buy it's still a little live, which is good.

    I am analog guy, but am using what I believe is the best of the digital world. I do not use a DAW, preferring to work with a RADAR 24 as if it were a 2" tape machine. It will do 12 tracks at 96khz/24 bit or 24 traks at 44.1khz/24 bit. I use the latter almost exclusively.

    The AD/DA's in this machine are still world class IME and the remote controller is a marvel of human factors design and is very simple and intuitive to use. The controller has a LED on it and metering that allows for comprehensive operation, although I can display a much more elaborate output on my 50" flatpanel including waveforms/time code etc..... The system supports the basics associated with DAW type editing and allows for un do of up to the last 99 operations. It can do much more than I would consider necessary. I still have plenty to learn about recording and mixing, but this RADAR unit delivers the big, 3D quality sound of a pro studio, especially in the low end, that you dont get in most (not all) converters and front ends you find in home/DAW based studio systems. It's an opinion

    The RADAR is hooked up to a Toft ATB 24 track board which I use to track guitars, drums and keys (Nord Electro 3). I have a Lexicon reverb/efx unit and some FMR RNC compressors and RNP pre and a Presonus headphone amp. All vocals, bass and acoustic guitars go through a Great River ME NV 1 pre (what an incredible device) and a FMR PBC compressor (also a sublime compressor for short money), a trak at a time. The pres in the Toft are solid and transparent and used if needed for multi channel tracking.

    I have a BF Fender Pro Reverb and Blackstar HTR 5 for guitar amps, I go DI into the Great River and/or a Sans Amp Bass Driver DI for my P Bass. I've got a modest range of guitars that gets me most of the flavors I desire and Shure 57/58 and 81 mics, plus a RODE K2 with a NOS tube in it. I would love to have a Neumann 87/67 type quality mic, and that is probably the next investment.
  15. naomi_beats

    naomi_beats Active Member

    That's an impressive setup, how did you come by the desk? Is it custom made or something that can be bought? Really clean look, digging it ;)

    Do you record a lot of local bands or is the setup mostly for yourself?
  16. flatrat

    flatrat Active Member

    Lets see here..this is of the top of my head

    Neumann TLM103 1
    Blue Baby Bottle 1
    Rode NTK 1
    Rode NT1 1
    AKG 414 1
    AKG 4033 2
    AKG 451 1
    AKG 1000s 2 (some use em beat nails with, but I like em)
    AKG D112
    AKG D112E
    Studio Projects C1 1
    Carvin CTM100 tube 1
    MXL ribbon 1
    Senheiser 421 4
    Senheiser E609 2
    Sure 57 5
    Sure 58 2
    Sure SM 81 1
    Crown C300 5
    Peavey 520 1
  17. flatrat

    flatrat Active Member

    Thanks! The desk came with the 02R96 when I bought it. Paid $800 just for the desk. The guy I bought it from, had his dad build the desk. It's solid oak and oak ply, very heavy duty and every corner/join is absolutely perfect! I work with local artists and I have a huge back log of my own projects that I try to finish in between projects. My last project was for Stephanie Anne Johnson (Stephanie Anne Johnson | Singer | Songwriter | Musician | The Voice Auditionee) She is amazing!

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