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When the stars align themself for you !!

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by pcrecord, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    Hey gang,

    I thought I'd share what happened to me today.
    I was reseaching preamps for the past year to finally complete my setup. Like you might know, I already have 2 ISA two preamps and like them very much.. In my mind the good choice for my needs and budget was either a used ISA 428 or a Audient ASP800. Early this week, I answered an add for a 428 at 1100$ but the owner never replied. Since I have a band to record tomorrow, I just decided to go with the asp800 since I have about 1k and a band to record...
    2 Stores have it near me, but one is closed in weekends and the other didn't have it in stock.

    One my way shopping for other goods, I stopped in a music store I new didn't have the Audient, but hey it's always good to check what alternatives they could have..
    When I got to the recording departement, I saw an old Focusrite ISA 428 mk1 at 1749$ (way out of my price range..) But took a chance and ask for a good price since they stopped making those more than 10years ago (I guessed)
    The rep went to see his boss and returned : 1000$ was his price ! WOW.. It's brand new, and under warranty for 1k (about 725$ in USD)

    So I'm now the proud owner of 8 ISA preamps, 4x UA 710 and 2 UA LA-610 ! :)
    (I can also use the 4 preamps of the FF800 in case I need more)

    And you , did you ever had this kind of synchronicity ?
  2. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    LOL... Not lately. These days I have to be careful about getting my hopes up about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, because more often than not it's just another freight train headed my way. :confused:

    But I'm glad the cosmic tumblers aligned for you, pal. :)

    Enjoy your new purchase. ;)
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  3. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member

    Sort of...

    I purchased an interface and a few other bits and pieces from a local store recently, its not your typical music store, their range is more mixers, interfaces, mics, headphones and DJ equipment and lighting. They have the best range of nearfield monitors Iv'e seen from all the top brands.
    Its a smaller chain with 8 stores, one store in each capital city in Australia.
    When I purchased from them part of their marketing is opting to be sent a regular email to keep you updated with upcoming offers and regular sales in the future, so I thought what the heck, I ticked the box and opted in to receive the email.
    Its not something I regularly do, as I don't like my inbox getting smashed with spam.

    Just before Christmas their Christmas sale email arrived and it also featured a little notice for positions vacant in the local store I purchased from, 9 to 5 Monday to Friday sales position with some weekend work and the pay was pretty good.
    Mind you, just before Christmas I quit my job driving a truck for a living as it was giving me the sh*ts and climbing in and out of the truck wasn't doing my hips and good, as a matter of fact it was having a negative effect on me which was causing a lack of sleep, waking up in pain 5 to 6 times a night then driving all day dead tired.
    Not a good combination in anyones' language.

    So having past experience in retail, sales and audio, I again thought "what the heck, I'll send off the CV...what have I got to lose, right?...they can only say no."
    I received the standard system generated email response within the hour to say "Thanks for contacting us. We have received your application and will contact you within 28 days". That was around 3 weeks ago.
    Well, low and behold, earlier this week I received an email from the Operations Manager to say he had received and reviewed my CV, and will contact me next week to discuss an interview.

    I have a good feeling and hope things go to plan. I think I'd really enjoy working in that environment, plus the added staff discount.

    So maybe the stars are alligning for me, just for ticking that little box to receive that email.;)
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  4. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    From the bottom of my heart I wish they will Sean !
    Opening ourself for a big change like that is a huge step. If they don't give you a job, your mind is already set for a change, I'm sure you'll find what you need ;)
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  5. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your kind words Marco. They mean a lot to me.

    You know Marco, I did the whole sales rep role for 10 years also for a well-known big name multi national bedding company , stepping back from it a little over 18 months ago, I was tired of being on the road sometimes for a week or two at a time, living out of suitcases and eating room service, theres' nothing like a good home cooked meal when you have been on the road clocking up two thousand kilometres in 5 days...

    Theres only so much chinese food in small country towns one can eat and Iv'e eaten enough for a lifetime or two !

    I'd churn through company cars with a new one every year with the amount of miles I'd do. So sales is something I have a lot of experience with, and before the rep gig I did work in retail many years before, and at the end of the day I love playing with audio stuff so I really hope the stars do align.:D

    I took a break for a while, moved house from the bustle of the inner city life to the 'burbs where there is room to breathe, and found myself behind the wheel of a truck for a while back in the bustle of the city I just escaped from in peak hour traffic all day.

    I have a deep seated respect for anyone who drives a heavy vehicle in city traffic now, thats for sure. its enough to do even the most sane persons head in at times.

    I'm 44 now so if I don't make the change now I probably never will lol:rolleyes:
  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    i picked up a vintage LA2A once (from MC Hammers abandoned equipment) for $ 50. it was a little fried ... cost a couple hundred to get it back in working order ......
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  7. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    Nice !!
  8. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member

    Well as an update...the stars they are alignin' alright...

    - Got a call back from the company...want to interview me next Tuesday...I'm on the shorter list from the shortlist of 120 applicants they had for the position...

    - And to add to the mix (pardon the pun)...another recruitment agency rang me after finding my CV on a job website...they wanted to interview me for another position for a specialist manufacturer that supply the automotive, aviation, medical and furniture industry...had the interview and they are referring me to the company...

    Two irons in the fire...when it rains, it pours...:D

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