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Where's Teddy G......?

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by moonbaby, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Anybody heard from Teddy"King of the ? Mark"G. lately? I hope he's OK? Maybe he's in Philly doing VOs for a Toyota dealership? Hope so. Maybe I should e-mail him? Maybe he's pissed?

    Teddy, We Miss You, Dude!!
  2. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    I know, it's unbelieveable, but I have actually had work.

    3-4 hour narration sessions, at another studio, followed by me taking home the data CD of my own narration(And, at times, others sessions) to edit and re-burn to CD, to take back to said studio, so said studio(One "I need sleep" guy) can send my work, plus his work, plus several others work back to the company that's paying, reasonably, for it all(A multimedia educational series which, it is said, could go on for years!?). Hundreds of tiny 1 word to 3 sentences files... Hours and hours........ and hours. Complaining? Oh, no! A little bit "off the mark", for me? Editing again? Yes... So, I'm having to figure out how to do it efficiently. One thing I've already found out is that I'll likely do better with Wavelab's, latest update(6.0). I had hoped to NOT spend the money for the update until I got a newer computer going..? May not be able to wait..?

    Of course, I also have "the TV show" going. Way-Low money, at first, as ever week was 20+ minutes of individual 60" spot VO, plus promos, breaks, etc., but as it's weekly, as it goes on there is less and less to do "per week" - with same money per week! It's a local real estate show, so as the housing developments "chime in", they often use the same stuff week after week. This week I did 2 or 3 60" and a "bumper", again, for same "guaranteed" money. I am billing once per month so it looks better(Ha!)... Very glad to have it though and it's not hard - they don't even mind if I "spruce-up" the copy a bit - a real trick as every spot is exaclty the same - THEY"RE HOUSE'S, all for sale, for gosh sake!

    Also, next week, will talk to a local producer(Known him for years, good fella' - broke as I am.) about doing an idea for "semi-custom" TV spots -- STARRING "ME"!!! YAYYYY for me! --- something I've wanted to do for many years.

    Of course this leaves out that there is a 16 foot, 30+ year old sailboat sitting in a friend's garage 150 mile away, which I've got to go get..! He gave it to me(Nice guy!), but my "free" sailboat looks like it will end-up costing me around 2 grand to actually get on the water... Of couse, I should probably, then , learn to sail, ey???

    Oh! And, I'm painting my living room. My wife comes home last night after I'd done the first wall. She says, "It's pink!" I say, "Yes, that's the color you bought...how's it look?". "Pink", she says... I want to get it all done before she changes her mind.

    Next, if some of this "big money" comes in so we can cut down on the w-a-y overdue bills that will produce a foreclosure on our home, if not paid off soon, maybe some nice, new carpet to go with the walls? What color? I hate to ask......

    I have, lately, spent a few (4AM) minutes over at the "Pro Sound Web" forum, giving 'em HE-double L about "Is 1/4" good enough for mastering?" They're all screaming and crying, I'm having fun! I'm just so darned pleased and proud that I don't have to deal with 1/4" anymore!!!Sometimes it's good to be old and actually remember(If foggily?) some of this stuff...! "Is 1/4" good enough for mastering?" WHO CARES!!! HA! Give me Wavelab or give me death!!!

    Nice to hear from you MB, I DO hope to get south sometime. And if some(Heck, ANY?) of these idiot projects I get into ever actually pay, maybe I will! Maybe I'll sail down???

    For now, gotta' go! Back to the pink! Trim's certainly dry by now(It's been 5 minutes, hasn't it?), it's latex. Typewriters, 1/4" reel machines, oil base paint... you can have 'em all! Any possible superior quality any of them may have is of absolutely no concern to me...


    Teddy G.
  3. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Way to go TG!!!!
    I'm so proud of you hangin' in there! I knew your tenaciousness would win out !
    I'm getting ready to step up my VO activity as well. An old flame surfaced recently and she has been doing PR/advertising work in Fl and the Carribean. She is providing me with scripts to practice with. You never know...My day gig in the medical imaging biz is starting to fade out, and the "record-your-band-at-night-in-my-Neve-equipped-warehouse" gig is getting old. Not to mention schlepping live sound gear to Latino wedding parties. Maybe this is good timing.
    Anyway, it was good to hear from you. Later...

    Jim"If You Don't Tune That Guitar I Will...With a Skil Drill!!!" Mooney
  4. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    My favorite "tuning machine" is a Milwaukee Sawzall...

  5. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    Geez Teddy, didn't realize you were so busy...

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