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Which Guitar?

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by mannyr, May 30, 2009.

  1. mannyr

    mannyr Active Member

    Hi, this may seem a little too general.. but I was just wondering which guitars are the most standard for different genres of music. So like:

    Standard guitar type/brand for upbeat pop music? Standard amp?

    Standard guitar type/brand for edgy pop music? Standard amp?

    Standard guitar type/brand for pop ballad music? Standard amp?

    Obviously the rock genre has way too many standard guitars associated with it.. im sure you could go on and on. But I just want to know where to start with the genres I listed above.

    Could anyone help me? Thanks!
  2. NCdan

    NCdan Guest

    Wrong forum. This post belongs in the "Musical Instruments" forum.

    But, I will still answer. 8)

    Strat with a Fender amp. Maybe an Orange amp if it's British pop?

    Start or maybe a Les Paul with a Fender or Orange amp. Maybe a Kustom or Marshall if they want something thicker?

    What is a pop ballad? Celine Dion? You will probably find more Jackson guitars and Marshalls here than the other two sub genres you listed.

    But, you want bread and butter stuff, get an American strat and a Fender amp, or if you want more high gain, Marshall and Orange are probably the 2nd most popular amp choices.
  3. mannyr

    mannyr Active Member

    Wow, thanks NCdan! That was truly helpful.

    And if anyone has any more options for the genres I listed, be them alternatives or whatever, feel free to list those too!
  4. mannyr

    mannyr Active Member

    When you say 'fender amp' which fender amp do you mean? Surely they don't all sound the same..
  5. NCdan

    NCdan Guest

    Any Fender amp over $1,000. 8) The Blackfaces and Twin Reverbs will give you more of the clean sounds with people usually using overdrive pedals to get distortion. The more modern Fender amps will get you maybe up to classic rock distortion. But yes, there are a lot of Fender amps. They seem to be popular pop amps in general.
  6. LJ25

    LJ25 Active Member

    The Fender Twin is my amp of choice when it comes to lush clean sounds! Sounds fantastic. Not good for any high gain. I don't think it has the presence to get any grit from but it would suit any of the genres you mentioned, budget permitting. Not cheap. That said. I used to use a Fender Princeton 50 as a practice amp and that was a tonally amazing amp. Especailly for a solid state.

    Going off on one....valve amps are generally going to sound better but my amp of choice for all kinds of music (I play in a few projects) is a Line 6 HD147 with matching cab. I stick a Blackstar HT-Boost valve pedal in front of it and while some people will claim its pants becasue its not valve, putting the HT-Boost in there really helps with adding valve dynamics...but most importantly, I use this amp because not only have I got "my" perfect tones from it, you can mimic just about any amp you would want to level realistic enough for live use. I use the Fender twin setting and plexi settings for use in rock covers bands.....great allround amp in my opinion.

    Otherwise a Marshall TSL will fit most your needs....

  7. mannyr

    mannyr Active Member

    Ok, so if you had to choose between the following guitars:

    Epiphone Les Paul
    Esteban Electric
    Kent Electric ES-175

    Now, which of the above could fit into the upbeat pop, edgy pop, and pop ballad categories? Would the sound corresponding to the genres of music be compromised with these less-than-great guitars?
  8. NCdan

    NCdan Guest

    Those are all crappy guitars. You should seriously look in to Agile guitars. See the link below for their strat. I just about crapped my pants when my $230 Agile arrived and it was built at least as well as a Gibson.


    You also might check in to Carvin bolt guitars:

  9. mannyr

    mannyr Active Member

    So.. okay. I'm currently using the software instruments from Kore Player to use as guitars, so do you think actual guitars will sound better then the kore software ones?

    And are those honestly really horrible guitars?
  10. NCdan

    NCdan Guest

  11. LJ25

    LJ25 Active Member

    None of these in my opinion will do the job brilliantly. The Epiphones are OK. I can only stress OK there though. But you are looking for 1 guitar to fill every need basically so everyone here so far has made some great allround suggestions. To add another into the mix Schecter make some great guitars for the money. With flexibility. Generally the mid-range ones come with lovely pick-ups, play brilliantly but in addition to all this you get a coil tap so when you want to soften it up a bit you can get nice and close to that tele sound or flick back to your humberckers for a bit more depth and snap. search "Schecter Guitar Research" for them.

    I use an Omen Extreme which isnt what you will be looking for really but I got it used for about £200 (so that got to be about $250) and I use it over my Ibanez Iceman, ESP Viper & Epiphone SG all the time....and it was by a long long way the cheapest of them!

    I suppose what im saying is....find your sound. Then you can adapt it to fit what you want. Rather than find the sound 1st then struggle to copy the sound you hear. Experimentation is the key for you.

    Good luck!

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