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Which mic is best for recording bass drum?

Discussion in 'Bass' started by dabmeister music, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    I see time after time when it comes to micing a bass drum , some choose between a decent condenser or a high pressure (one that comes to mind is the AKG D112) dynamic mic. Some others are the Shure beta series. I know when eq is applied , it's usually curved or set around or about 100Hz. What's mostly used to get that deep thump on most recordings?
  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Everybody uses different mics.The accepted 'standards would be yer D112,D12,Md421,RE20,and recently the D6 Audix.These are your 'throw em up and theres already a sound' kinda mics.I should throw in my fav which is the ATM25.
  3. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    I am a big fan of SM91/Beta 91.
    Once I achieved nice results with a regular small Beta 57!!!
  4. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    I have 3 different bass drum mics now, plus an MD421 that a lot of people also swear by for bass drums...

    Read this thread:

    (Dead Link Removed)
  5. Dave Nyberg

    Dave Nyberg Guest

    Yeah, i use the D112 but i got some killer kicks with the SM57 right outside the basdrum with frontskin off. That gives a very deep and nicely round kick which needs none to little eq.

    I need to check out that D6. I heard a lot of positive things here.
  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Until recently I have pushed the D112.. but I have had the chance to use the Audix D6 now and I'm a believer.. No eq and this thing sounds great. It will be a studio standard.. I haven't had the chance to use it on anything else like toms or a bass cab yet but simply on the strength of the sound on a kick drum I am recomending it.. Try it, you'll like it!
  7. Dave Nyberg

    Dave Nyberg Guest

    Yeah, i heard the examples you posted. It does sound great right away. With the D112 one does not get the thump in easy. The D6 seems to have the thump enhanced already, which is more then great.

    Are the other Audix drum mics good or is it mainly the D6 which is that good? I'll dfinately check out the D6. If all you guys think it's good well, then it must be good! (please don't kill me now, i know it's all about personal preference ;) )
  8. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    Soon I wil be posting a comparison chat with several microphones used in the effort to capture not so common intruments like tuba, euphonic, clarinets, bombo, surdo, flutes, flautim ( piccolo), cello, trompa, tenor sax, alto sax.

    I have been doing some Horn band /camerata projects recently and I was surprised with some results and with the drop of some myths.

    Although this experience applies only to my case, it might be interesting to all readers.
    Microphones evaluated:

    Beta 57
    Beta 58
    I wished I had much better mics like c12, U87, U149, B & K.
    However, nice rsults have been achieved with this budget models.

    Nice week
  9. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Hiya Dave...I have several Audix mics and they are all good.Their ability to handle high db's along with a preset eq curve for each model makes them excellent choices for many applications.Mine are all "D" series mics.I have D1,D2's and D4's.I've used the D2's on toms,snare top and bottom,guitar cabs and harmonica.It was great for all and an incredible harmonica mic!...The D1 sound good on snare and I've used it on a bass cab.It was okay for all.The D4 is my fav and it sounds great on all drum applications as well as guitar and bass cabs.The D6 is the newest and is incredible and bound to be industry standard for kick drum.
  10. kevinwhitect

    kevinwhitect Active Member

    Anybody use the Electrovoice RE20 anymore?


  11. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I myself never cared for the RE 20 on kick drum.. too "poofey" and not enough tick..

    Audix makes a "drum pack", an affordable solution to drum micing. I have heard great things about the other Audix mics.. I had the opportunity to tour the Audix facility in Wilsonville, OR. I was very impressed with the operation and the people who run it. They are all musicians and truly have an affinity for the production of quality product. The anechoic chamber is outfitted with a four channel testing system so they can put four of the same design mics, with slightly different tweaks done on them so they can see how the differences measure with the same signals. The largest room in the whole factory, believe it or not, is a live performance stage room. This place is the size of a small concert hall and is outfitted with a full stage set up. Guitar amps, bass amps, drum set, keyboard rigs. In front is a large Crest console of the size that is used to mix concerts. The Audix team uses this room to bring in musicians and have them try Audix products. The feedback from these sessions is then taken into consideration and changes are made to the designs. Quality control is stringent with every Audix mic being tested before it leaves the factory. These guys don't want any returns. I readily endorse the whole Audix line… Kurt
  12. musicalhair

    musicalhair Guest

    My experience is definately limited here, but I've always used and always liked the Senn e602. Perhaps more importantly the drummers always liked it too.

    I just got an EV RE 20 and a Senn MD 421II, but I don't know when I'll get a chance to stick them in the kick drum. I tried them on vocals though and I let's just say I'm a lot happier about my still limited mic selection ;) .
  13. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    The Audix D2 is a *wonderful* tom mic...I usually fight between the D2 and the MD421...close race!
  14. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Distinguished Member

    I use D112, 421, D12e alot as inside or just outside mics becuase that's what's available.
    Lately my fav combo is a senn. 602 just in the hole and an NS10 woofer outside.

    Absolutely dozens of ways. The most important always being the drummer.

    [ August 18, 2003, 01:35 AM: Message edited by: RecorderMan ]
  15. Dave Nyberg

    Dave Nyberg Guest

    Thnx for shining some light on the other mics Davedog :) ) These Audix mics really seem ideal. I might fork out the money for the complete drum mic set with the D6. I'm more then sure it will be a great investment :)

    Looking forward to the chart Alécio :)

  16. by

    by Guest

    i've used some other audix mics like the om6 and other vocal orianted mics and they are good too. i think audix makes some great quality product.
  17. lorenzo gerace

    lorenzo gerace Active Member


    My favorite Kick drum mic is the Shure B52, almost no need to EQ once set flush with the hole in the front head; I also like the D112 (a classic) and for more bluesy or mellow kick sound the Sennheiser E 602.



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