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Which mic should I buy ?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Tonato17, May 6, 2004.

  1. Tonato17

    Tonato17 Active Member

    Hi Everybody. Im new in this forum, so first of all I would like to introduce myself. I am 21 years old from Bs As Argentina, and study music, (i play the guitar).
    Like the subject says, i am wondering to record some things in my house, so i need a mic to do it. I have about 100 dollars, so near this price, wich mic should i buy?
    i saw the behringer B1 and seemed good, but i do not know..
    i hope your answers and thanks from now :)
    pd: Forgive my english...it's not very good :oops:
  2. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    For a hundred dollars I would get a Shure sm 57 or sm 58- You can't go wrong with those- If I had $200 I would get a Studio projects C1 or a Rode NT1-
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Stay away from the Behringer. They make pretty crappy stuff that usually breaks or catches on fire.

    I recomend the Studio Projects B1.


    This is a fixed pattern, cardioid Large Diaphragm mic that is suitable for a lot of different applications.

    I usually don't recommend inexpensive equipment but in the case of the B1, I can say that I have used it with great results. It's hard to believe that PMI got all that sound into a mic that retails for less than $100, but they did.

    Kurt Foster
  4. Tonato17

    Tonato17 Active Member

    Thankz a lot for your posts...i don't know if i could find the Studio Projects B1 here in my country, and if would be 100 dollaras , but i ll look for it....
    About the Rode NT1 i think i can't afford it now (i have to buy a mixer too) i ll look for the studio projects B1 and then tell you..Thanks a lot, really...anyway if theres another mic you think i should take a look, please advise me ;)
    c ya!
  5. Ellegaard

    Ellegaard Active Member

    ADK is another China-mic that's pretty good, and you can get nice condenser microphones for a hundred bucks. I woulnd't go for a dynamic mic like the Shure SM57/58, think a condenser would pick up a lot more detail.
  6. LilHabanero

    LilHabanero Active Member

    You might try a MXL V67G mic from Marshall Electronics. They're about $100.. I've had some good luck recording acoustic guitar with a pair of them in stereo. From what i've heard they're pretty good vocal mics too. Never tried it though, I don't sing to good! Very good condensor mics.
  7. BydLo

    BydLo Guest

    You should put your headphones on the mic input and give it a lot of gain and you will get a sound out of it like a Neumann U87 sondrobized and overruled by 3 mhz cantimplora and amplified by an Anita Dark or Ciccolina´s compressor for an italian hot sound.
    Truly speaking, for a good chain of recording i would not buy less than an Nt1 or Studio project (which i don´t know but i heard it is good) a good preamp (at least a mackie mixer) and a good Pc Card.

    1000 Dollars.

  8. Tonato17

    Tonato17 Active Member

    about the mics and the rode NT

    Hi again..well i have been looking for mics and i decided the Rode would be an excelent mic for what i need..i would like to know wich is better, or better for what i need (record guitars, vocals, piano, sintetizers, etc) the rode NT1 or the rode NT1-A
    (i have 200 dollars to invert)
    (pd: Yes , i earned 100 dollars more) :D
    Thankz a lot, really, and i wait for an answer ..c ya and thanks
  9. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    the nt1 is the old version- If you are lucky to get a early one you'll get a great mic- unfortunately the changed the capsule later so its a gamble to get a good one... get the new improved nt1a, I understand they improved the capsule again and its again a great mic for the $$$
  10. Johnson Cabasa

    Johnson Cabasa Active Member

    you can't go wrong with a shure 57.
  11. Tonato17

    Tonato17 Active Member

    Hi, it's me again...well i listened to the rode nt1a and rode nt1000 and liked very much, but i would like a sound with more body. The Nt1000 sounds a bit brigthly to me i think....what about the ntk? is there another mick around the 200-300 dollaras that should i consider? (for recording vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and voices)
    thanks a lot and forgive my english :oops:
    waits for your answer... ;)
  12. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Studio projects C1- $199- you can buy them on Ebay if you don't have a dealer in Buenos Aires

    please click here
  13. Tonato17

    Tonato17 Active Member

    Thanks a lot! ok, if you think the Studio Projects C1 would be better for what i want than the Rode NT1A i will buy the c1..but let me ask you one more thing (sorry for being so annoying :D )

    I like the soundingto be full, with body, with brights BUT most important with good lows..i don't know if i explain ok..
    oki, wait for your anser and then buy the mic!!! ;)
    Thanks a lot.,, Really
  14. odog

    odog Guest

    Good call, Good quality, solid mics. That are SOLID
  15. Tonato17

    Tonato17 Active Member

    Well...i am driving crazy!! :roll: wich mic should i buy...i am between a Rode NT1A, Studio projects C1 and now..shure sm 57?
    here in my country i can't liste the rode and SP C1, so i can't decide ok on my own...please advise me about that...as i sayd i want a sound with body and full...no brigthly and without lows....
  16. frob

    frob Well-Known Member

    for a first mic get the sm57 its the industry standard workhorse mic. i could not see you ever replacing it with anything other than a sm 57
  17. dexters lab

    dexters lab Guest

    i hated the way the NT1a sounded,too damn bright and sharp,good for an r&b singer[female]......

    so instead i got a AT 3035 and love it....
    next is the blue baby bottle....


  18. odog

    odog Guest

    id say if shure is one of your top 3 then go for it...its also the cheapest of the bunch..
  19. Tonato17

    Tonato17 Active Member

    Ok..I am interested in the mic you tell me (At 3035) i looked info on inet and seemed good for what i m looking for, but i would like to hear something of it before buying it...Do u have some recordings you could send me?? i would be very pleasure and gratefull if i could listen something recorded on AT 3035. (please if you do so, specify which equipment did you use (e.g. soundcard, pre, software, etc))
    One more thing..i think i coulb buy a tube mic pream (new or used) from about 100-140 dollars. Cause i am looking for a sound warm an full...with lows but beatifull and warm brights)
    Think it's a good idea..if so, wich one would u recomend me?
    THANKS A LOT, really, this forum is the only source where i can talk with people who really understands about this, so all your answers are really important to me.

    PD:my mail is tonato17@yahoo.com
    I wait for your answer, and thankz a lot , really =)
  20. Tonato17

    Tonato17 Active Member

    Hi!! Cedar Flat Fats (Kurt??) ....what do u recommend me? i am between:
    - Rode Nt1A
    - Studio Projects C1
    - Audio Technica 3035

    i am wondering a full and warm sound, not brighly without body (i understand that the mic is not the only variable for that) One more thing..i want to could record electric guitars at a loud volume and keep the sound clear and not saturated ....
    I hope your answers so i can buy it and start to record my music ;)
    ps: hope for your advise about the mic pres..(i have done a new thread about that)
    THANKS once again..you are all really cool people! :)

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