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Which mixer is better? Yamaha 03D or Ramsa DA7?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by 0db, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. 0db

    0db Active Member

    Hi u there. I run a small studio wich has as a main console a Yamaha 03D Digital Console, it is so versatile, and has so many routing options that i still don´t feel the need to change to another one yet, it has a ADAT I/O Card that enables me to record 8 simultaneous channels with the Digidesign DIGI001, so that´s perfect for me at this time. But recently, i saw a Panasonic (RAMSA) digital console, it really didn´t grab my atention, because i know that this console is discontinued, and they where selling it used....so its a little risky to go on that business.....but then, i realized that it has 2 ADAT I/O Cards, and a meter bridge that always been wishing to have with the Yamaha, plus this guy ho is selling it says that his Ramsa Console have better Sonic Specs than any other console in its class......so, what do you think about this? Is he right? i mean, does that console have better sonic performance than the yamaha´s specs? it´s worth the change?
  2. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    The 03D has the same A to D converters as the 02R, which is what I use. The Ramsa does have nicer converters, but I chose to stay with my 02R because of the flexibility of routing, internal effects, etc.

    If you want to upgrade your 03D, get the Apogee AP8 AD cards, which give you 8 higher quality A to D's.

    Apogee is currently blowing these out.


    Scroll down about halfway.
  3. 0db

    0db Active Member

    Thanks screws! for that smart advice....i didn´t realized that apogee had this card for the 02R & 03D.....the only problem as i see it is that i only have 1 YGDAI slot.....you have 4! :) but i´ll try this option right away! let´s see how can i route these signals into protools...... maybe if i use a external apogee converters, i´ll have same results, right? anyway, thanks so much.
  4. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I much prefered the DA7. The automation was better, I liked the sound more (the converters and preamps in it were WAY better). Add to that the fact that it had 3 slots if I remember correctly and the ability to take a SMPTE feed (if you had the card for it). The routability to send what you want to where you need it is much better too- the O3D has a lot of its stuff "hard-wired" to the slot. Try sending direct out 1 to output 7 on the card. Won't happen.

    The DA-7 doesn't have reverb, but it does have 6 auxes and you can send out a digital aux send for digital reverbs (I'd use my Lex300 for that). The EQ was comparable, but I think Yamaha's comps were perhaps a touch better.

    The DA-7 also had a meter bridge available which was nice...

  5. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    I don't know how much you're willing to spend to upgrade your setup, but RME has an 8 channel preamp with ADAT out that will be a nice upgrade from the 03D pres. This will get you from your mics to the 03D or direct to the Digi if you prefer. About $1100.00


    Of course, for around $1200.00 you can get a used 02R, same preamps you have now, but lots more ins and outs. I've seen them with meters and cards for that price every now and then.

    In fact, here's one on ebay I just found.


    I'm a fan of the Yamaha interface, as well as the comps, eq and effects. When I move up it'll be to the 02R96.
  6. 0db

    0db Active Member

    Yeah you´re right. Those are nice and little expensive pre-amps, buy they worth every penny. And the fact that the effects on these Yamaha mixers are comparable to the SPX 990 effects, really makes me think, you know? reverbs are so beutiful..... perhaps compressors and other things like gates aren´t as good as a separate rack gear, but works for me so fine..... i have never missed any previous gear that i used to have, the only thing that i still miss is a vintage dbx 160 comp..........

    I think i´m gonna go for a 8 CH preamp with ADAT output. Those you told me are nice, what about the mackies?
    Check them out and let me know what you think.


    Thanks for your suport guys!


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