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Which one?

Discussion in 'Computers / Software' started by carldelain, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. carldelain

    carldelain Active Member

    I'm looking at two different Mac Pros on craigslist. Right now I'm running a 2.3Ghz Dual Core G5 with 6GB RAM.
    I know you can buy the quad core and then always upgrade the ram later, but i'm wondering which one is going to better as it is right now. I use a lot of plugins, and as many as 30-50 tracks in some songs.

    Here are the specs of each:

    2x Xeon Dual Core 2.66GHz
    15GB RAM
    1.5TB+2TB+2x1TB HDDs


    2x Xeon Quad Core 2.66Ghz
    5GB RAM
    300GB HDD

    Both are the 2006 models and both are running OS X Lion

  2. Audiofreek

    Audiofreek Active Member

    Both are 2.66,but one has 8 cores,and the other has 4,so I would go for the 8 core ,becuase it's cheaper for ram and storage than it is for a processor up-grade.Unless you have a line on 2 quad processors for the dual core machine.If you are running alot of VIs,you will need the ram.You don't say which DAW software you are running,and I am assuming you are going to re-mount your audio drive from the G5 into what ever new machine you purchase.

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