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Which soundcard for new Mac G5s ???

Discussion in 'Recording' started by peterpan, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Hi you all,
    I am considering upgrading from a G4 to G5 (which one is to be discussed later...), so my Audiomedia III will be have to be dropped except if I chose a G5 1.8....
    My questions are, at this time:
    1/ which card do you think is the best (rapidity, least latency, sound quality). Within a reasonable price range (200 to 300 $) for a home studio.
    2/ generally speaking, are PCI-X cards still better rated than FW ones ? (FW would free us from the problem of slots being changed these times... and probably more often in the future...).
    I had a look at some cards like Echo Mia-midi, M-Audio 410 too but I could not try them and I think there are some others worth looking at...

    Thanks for your posts !!
  2. Johnjm22

    Johnjm22 Guest

    You can't go wrong with Lynx. Maybe a little out of your price range though.
  3. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    I never heard of this brand. As you said one cannot go wrong with it if it is really worth its price !!!. For what I want to do (singing with midi backing) it is a bit too much for me !! :(
    I think I will be okay with an Echo Mia-Midi, from what I gathered here and there.
    Thank you anyway for your post :D
  4. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    Is a Digidesign Mbox out of the price range??

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