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Why did Shure raise the price of the SM57?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by multoc, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    Anyone know?

    I used to be able to get one for $89 at guitar center/musician's screwoff (friend), but now they're going @ $99

    I've noticed this over the past six months or so and it's quite annoying, any idea why?
  2. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Guest

    I just bought 2 at $70.00 each. (From GC)

    What is on the big price tags is not what you should pay!!! :roll:
  3. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    Price increases happen. Been by a gas station lately? Do candy bars cost the same now as they did 5 years ago? If you don't like it, buy someone else's mics. Supply and demand and all that stuff. If you buy at the higher price, you're proving to Shure (or the reseller) that they CAN raise their price and still sell mics.

    btw - there are lots of places selling 57s for $89.
  4. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    If a $10 increase keeps a solid company in business and keeps a couple thousand employees with jobs and good health.....is it really such a bad thing?
  5. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    10 dollars can make all the difference but I was just curious because it was a very sudden thing.
  6. HansAm

    HansAm Active Member

    Do you know what the "suggested price" for a SM57 is in Norway? Calculated from todays current its 202.86$ as we speek.

    We usualy won't get it cheaper than 146$. So considre your self lucky. And Shure have some kind of importdeal to so internett companies aint allowed to Ship Shure form US to Norway.. Cruel? YES.

    I wish i knew someone personaly in the US if you know what i mean.
  7. HansAm

    HansAm Active Member

    Who are GC? Do they have a web page?
  8. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    Guitar Center, guitarcenter.com
  9. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    The odd thing about this price increase is that it only affects the SM-57 and not the rest of the Shure product line. Kinda strange. Maybe they just wanted to bring the 57 price into line with the 58.

    Regardless a 10 dollar increase isn't much and 100 bucks for such a great sounding and versatile mic is still a bargin.
  10. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Guest

    GC= Guitar Center

    You walk in, and offer $70.00 they take your money, you have a 57!!!
  11. UncleBob58

    UncleBob58 Active Member

    The price of an SM57 or an SM58 hasn't changed that much in 25+ years.

    I still have my SM58 from almost 30 years ago. It cost me over $100.00 at the time. Shure sold only thousands of them each year, not hundreds of thousands. 30 years ago they were still hand made for the most part, not on an automated factory line like they are today. So they have kept the cost stable for a long time. The costs of materials and manufacture have been going up for all of that time, so a price increase is inevitable.

    Also keep in mind that you are buying from a vendor who marks it up as high as they think they can get away with.
  12. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Have you been to the plant to see them built?
  13. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Maybe due to RoHS and a transformer cost increase???


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