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Windows XP 64bit

Discussion in 'Computers / Software' started by Drewmillar, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Drewmillar

    Drewmillar Guest

    Hi there.
    I have recently acquired a new PC running a dual core processor and 8GB of RAM.
    I've installed XP 64bit as it's the only operating system that will support this.
    Does anyone here have experience with 64bit?
    I mainly use Sonar, Nuendo and Reason, and need to know if there's anything I should take into account before I try configuring it.
    ANY information at all would be appreciated.
  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    You only have to work half as hard, twice as often.

    Yeah, most stuff is not supported by this yet. Probably why you haven't seen many responses? We're all standing safe for the moment. Nice sounding computer you got though.

    25 or 6 to 4
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Are these specifically the 64-bit versions of these programs? XP64 will host 32-bit programs, but of course will limit the amount of memory available to them to 4GB. XP64 is not the only 64-bit Windows OS, there is Vista64 as well.

    The big problem with 64-bit OSs (XP64, Vista64) is the availability of signed device drivers for them that actually work with full functionality. Check very carefully the audio I/O drivers supplied with your chosen programs and update them if there are more recent available.

    Why do you need to run all of Sonar, Nuendo and Reason?
  4. lostindundee

    lostindundee Active Member

    If you use lots of plugins, you may find that many your favourite ones won't work using the 64 bit version of your chosen recording software. If that's the case then use the 32 bit one.

    Many peeps are opting to use the 32-bit stuff until manufacturers catch up to 64 bit. One day you will be glad you have the machine you do though. :wink:

  5. fmw

    fmw Guest

    Stick with 32 bit. Works fine. It's got all the power you need. 3GB of memory is just fine for audio. If this weren't the case, the industry would have poured itself into support 64 bit some time back.
  6. Drewmillar

    Drewmillar Guest

    Cheers all, I kinda knew what I was getting into.
    The computer I'm using just now has 2GB RAM, and in some projects I'm using 2 instances of Drumkit from Hell, which the computer struggles with. Even after freezing all other instruments I get the occasional cut out.

    I've decided just to install XP 32bit on another partition in the mean time, which will at least give me 4GB RAM to play with.

    To answer Boswell's question: My preferred DAW is Sonar 7, which I like to wire to Reason for alot of resons (no pun intended!) including the super-decent sampler and analog synths.
    I've only just recently discovered the joys of Nuendo and its friendly interface, which I'm using alot right now so I can weigh up the differences.
  7. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Another word on this.
    My dad recently got a PC with 64bit Vista on it.

    Think "compatibility" and imagine it flying out of a 12th floor window with lead weights tied to its' ankles.
    Yeah, that's what happens.

    Warning: impending large text.

  8. fmw

    fmw Guest

    "I've decided just to install XP 32bit on another partition in the mean time, which will at least give me 4GB RAM to play with. "

    3 GB is all you'll be able to address with 32 bit XP. You can put 4GB of ram but the 4th one won't matter.
  9. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    3GB it's down to now is it...

    First time I heard that figure mentioned, it was 3.99GB
    Then 3.95, 3.75, 3.5, 3.49, 3.25, now it's at 3GB.
    I'm scared to mention 32bit anymore.

    I mean, can people not agree on the value of (2^32)-1 divided by 1024 a few times?
  10. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    A 32-bit OS like Windows XP can address 4GB of memory (2^32). XP needs some memory for its own operations, so it arbitrarily limits the amount of physical memory available to any application to 3GB.

    When a 64-bit OS running in 8GB or more physical memory hosts a 32-bit program, it can afford to give the 32-bit program the whole of the 4GB that the program can address, as the OS has more addressable memory beyond that for its own use.
  11. bwmac

    bwmac Active Member

    I use a 64 AMD duel core with XP 64 windows edition and Sonar-6, 64 install. Ya getting the right drivers are a real Be-yatch but when you find the right ones that work with ur system, Lordy Lordy ya got room ta mix.
    Here is a link for you
  12. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy Guest

    I've been running Sonar 6 for a while on a 3.0 GHz Pentium D / 4MByte RAM DAW that I built about 4 yr. ago. I've been thinking of building a new system, and will definitely think about seeing what Win7 looks like when it is finally shipping (maybe even after SP1 or SP2 comes out for it ;)). I really like the idea of a 64 bit OS, as long as I can find all the software and hardware drivers I need.

    What I would like to know is what DAW software comes in a 64 bit Windows version, and how well they are set up for multi-threading. I see that there is now a 6-core Xeon shipping and dual socket mobos to put them in.

    I'm confident that prices will eventually come down enought to make a 12 core system not totally insane.
  13. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Very impressive clip, thanks!

    Rain is sending me their new ION Octo Core AMD 64 bit with 16 gig ram loaded and tuned with Sonar 8. After seeing this clip, I'm excited and thinking it may be one kick ass DAW system.
    For Sonar users out there... I'll let ya all know how it goes on 64 bit.
  14. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    hate to burst your bubble but...
    a single Core i7 would kill that silly Opteron system.

  15. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    well, it won't burst my "bubble", however, I have a feeling it maaaaybeee deflated your "bubble" a bit by me mentioning anything about Rain's silly ION :wink: It can't be that silly?

    I also have a new 3.2 965 i7 from PCAudioLabs here, a killer system like you mentioned, on Windows XP 32 bit. Time provided, maybe I'll do a comparison using Sonar 8 for fun. It should be an interesting comparison between 32 and 64 bit at least. I think the two systems are probably both powerful enough for most applications. I'm guessing ( from specifically a Sonar POV) having more ram is definitely a bonus and possibly the 64 bit may be an improvement in sound over the 32 bit? Has anyone compared this?
  16. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    note i said "silly opteron" didnt say silly rain..

    point being the opteron is outperformed by intel very easily. now we have DUal Core i7 Xeons (new apple and now PC) nothing AMD has can come close.

    in all fairnees both XP and Vista 64 should be install on both systems.

    64 bit is still very very lacking unless you are going to run VSL or EW play.

    Sonar 64 is also very flaky at times when using bit bridge.

    ideally Sonar 32 on a 64 bit OS is best for stability.

  17. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I'm sure its still about Rain Music Computers, and promoting your systems in a round about way. Why else are you here. :roll:

    That being said, In all fairness to what? I'm not, comparing PC's. I'm
    simply excited over the youtube video on Sonar and pumped over getting that Rain ION and hopefully appreciating Sonar 8 more than I have at this point.
    And more... so very interested in the audible difference between the two OS. windows XP 32 bit apposed to Vista 64 bit.

    I'm told there's quite an audible difference between 32 bit and 64 bit. Has anyone done a test for that?
  18. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    oh please....
    not even worth an answer to that part....

    in all fairness, means IF you are going to do a shoot out then it needs to be done scientificly

    test both systems with XP and both systems with Vista 64.
    using the same testing methodolgy acrross the board.

    you are confusing 32bit and 64bit. this is the OS and had NOTHING to do with sound quality.

    vs bit depth of a recording. vs bit width of the data

    i have yet to see any conclusive proof that it sounds better.

  19. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    You are killing me. I feel like I'm arguing with an accountant having PMS

    I've read this below, and have been told this as well. ( I haven't a clue until I hear for myself), so its got me a tad excited. I'm only interested in what my ears tell me for this. Not interested in doing some shootout between two or more CP's. Thats your journey. I'm simply only interested if I hear a difference between the 32 bit or a 64 bit OS running Sonar 8. I'm not a tech wiz but I think that should be a pretty simple comparison. I'm not planning on installing different OS in the same machine to see if it make some scientific difference.

    Excerpt from http://www.keyboardmag.com/article/the-vista-from/Apr-07/27456

  20. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Sounds like marketing hype.

    Or maybe I'm just ignorant of details that playback at less than 20dB in real life, compared to everything else blaring away at 90dB.
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