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Working Two Yamaha N8's together as one

Discussion in 'Recording' started by mustream, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. mustream

    mustream Guest

    Hello. I recently bought Two Yamaha n8's, and I'm very happy and excited.
    Now, one little snag... I hooked up the second N8 to the first and the first is hooked up to the PCI Firewire Card port on the Mother BOard.

    Now my problem is getting Cubase Studio4 to reconize the Second N8.

    What I would like to able to do is send some audio Tracks from Cubase to the First N8 and some to the Second N8. Exactly how do i send tracks to the second N8 cause i can't seem to get Cubase to see the Second Unit.

    I checked the M-lan Graphic patchbay(i'm thinking this has to be the place to get it working) but after playing around with the setup, no luck so far.

    The both units shows up in the Patchbay, but I don't fullly understand how to link them up in there.

    Is there a Video by chance that shows this information??? that's downloadble???

    Another thing, I have the First N8 going straight to my KRK V8's. Would the second N8's audio output be able to read through the First N8's output or would i have to physically hook up the second output to another speaker (I hope this question wasn't too confusing)( cause I'm kinda hoping that the 2 mixers would act like one, through One output)

    I really want to be able to work the both mixers as one mixer. You know, as a full fledge 16-channel Mixer.
    So, Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    I think you're stuck with one at a time that will work, and a spare.


    ....where it states on page 4 of the operation manual: "The AI Driver is based on mLAN technology. It enables you to connect a single n8 or n12 to a computer."

    I think it's the software limitations, in that it's not designed to recognize and provide functionality for two of those. I don't think the software would just "add" the doubled number of channels, etc., that you connected. And, I'm doubting that you can load up two instances of the software. There is no mention of the use of two, or more, at one time. But, it still may be somehow possible. I just doubt it.

    Always good to research things before purchasing. Reading manuals is never a bad idea. Especially if they are discontinued products that may have a limited lifespan left.

    In addition, I'd also check out your onboard FireWire port to see exactly what it is. Some onboard ports may cause problems, anyway.

  3. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Strange, because according to Sweetwater you can daisy chain these.

    EDIT: Sorry, it wasn't Sweetwater. It was ZZounds AND I missread along with a typo in their copy
  4. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    So Hueseph,

    You think they were typo-ing n12 where they meant n8? Did you come to the same conclusion as I did? I read the manuals, and saw nothing about linking, or having two installed. Since the software seems to control only an n8 (or n12), I am assuming it cannot control two units? I don't think the software provides enough expandability to cover assignments of all the extra I/O and channels?

    And, I am fairly certain that two instances of the software, one for each unit, cannot be done?

    Is that what you see?

  5. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    You're absolutely right. I assumed you could daisy chain two units but unfortunately the manual clearly states that the software only supports one unit. Kind of a bummer but still a pretty neat unit. No less confining than a Digi system.

    So how much are you selling the other unit for? :p
  6. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    With that "Sweet Spot Morphing technology" don't sell it too cheap!
  7. mustream

    mustream Guest

    Thanks for all the Replies.....

    But after playing around with the M-lAn Software, is was able to get Cubase Studio 4 to see the inputs on the second N8 as well. So in the Devices, Device Setup, ASIO mLan section is was seeing all the I/O from the First N8 and only the Inputs from the Second one. So basically the only thing that i need right now is to see the outputs for the second N8 Mixer, and that is what i'm having trouble with..

    Anyone able to help with the whole M-Lan Business?

    (Cause I'm kinda new to the world of M-Lan)
  8. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    Really? Interesting. I would have bet that you couldn't even get it to do that, but...

    Now, you need to evaluate some things.

    Do you NEED all those as outputs? Are you mixing and monitoring in stereo? If so, and if those inputs actually allow signal to tracks, then won't the tracks be routed to a main stereo pair anyway, negating the need for those outputs?

    For instance, inputs 1-16 to tracks 1-16. All 16 tracks panned, mixed and routed to main outs 1 and 2, left and right?

    So...maybe you want to run some out through an external effects then back in? Couldn't you just route whichever tracks 9-16 through unused outputs 1-8 (or maybe 3-8, since possibly 1 and 2 are mains. I'm not sure how it's set up for that).

    Have you actually tried recording through both units to tracks at once? You don't need to record through ALL of them simultaneously...just one or two through the main one while also something through the second, for a test?

    If so, did it work?

    I'm not sure why it does what it does, or doesn't. If it does work on inputs, and you can't figure out the output problem, you may consider it a 16 input, 8 bus output unit...(or something like that).

    Is your concern with the hardware to software tracks mixer function? Do the hardware faders on the second unit function as volume, etc, while recording...but not on playback? Is that your main concern?

    Maybe it's a limitation of the input port of the first unit seeing the input from the second unit, but not being able to pass an output through that input? I dunno.

    Have you tried an internal FireWire card with two ports, to connect each to its own port to see what happens? I dunno what kind of chaos that might cause, if it does, either.

    Tell us more! Now, I'm intrigued.

    Good luck,

  9. mustream

    mustream Guest

    Hi. Thanks for the responses. My aim is basically to Use Both Mixers for Mixing like ONE 16 ch-mixer.

    Now i got as far as getting Cubase to see the Inputs on the Second N8 by using the patchbay, but my problem is, I can't seem to activate the outputs on the Second N8 (What I mean is, I'm trying to get Cubase studio 4 to SEE the outputs on the Second N8). Just like i'm able to bring some recorded audio tracks out to the First N8, I want to do the same for the Second N8 to Mix. So basically, what i thought i'll be able to do is use BOTH Mixers like one 16 ch mixer for Mixing....

    Just for the sake of clarity, i was able to unlock the second N8's inputs by use of the Graphic Patchbay; by going to the Mlan Cpu Icon and adding on all the Inputs for the second N8. What i noticed is that when I clicked on the inputs icon I was able to see 32 MLan slots. So that's was clear to understand for me.

    Now when I clicked on the Outputs section on the same m_lan Cpu icon, it only showed up to 12 outputs from the First N8, and the balance of outputs was greyed out.... Meaning that I couldn't click on them to active the second N8's outputs.

    So that's my Problem. I don't understand why in 32 Mlan outputs only the first 12 for the First N8 is activited.

    So, that's my problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. mustream

    mustream Guest

    This is a Mlan Product. And i'm very new to Mlan- so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    Have you asked at the following forum?


  12. mustream

    mustream Guest

    Yea I have. Still Waiting for them to respond....
  13. MC3DPCS

    MC3DPCS Active Member

    I got help from the US Yamaha service guys by finding the n12 on Yamaha's site, then going to the service link on that page. The folks there were very helpful and told me they could help me set up an n12 plus and n8 linked. But I didn't ask if you could route to the second mixer's outputs. It would be a bummer if you couldn't!
  14. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I don't know why they are still flogging mlan. It seems to be a dying format and for good reason. Why couldn't they just maintain good firewire drivers like the rest of the DAW world? It's like a headache that won't go away.

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