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Would it be worthwhile for me to pick up a used pair of

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Sir Bob, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Sir Bob

    Sir Bob Member

    For $500? Okay, I only have one small condensor mic, which is the ever-unpopular AKG C1000S. And I definately want something for recording acoustic guitar. One mic would be enough if I also used a large condensor pointed behind the bridge. But I suppose having a matched pair would come in useful someday especially if I wanted to put them up in front of a drum kit. I also suppose that picking up a variety of mics gives me more flexability. So I would fine some uses for them has long as they don't suck?

    I also have an opportunity to pick up a KSM 44 (multiple patterns). What uses have you had with this mic? What's a fair price?

    I ultimately want a big-time vocal mic like a Lawson L47 or Soundelux U99 for vocals but the flatness of the KSM 44 might come in handy. My only large condensor is an Audix CX-111 which is okay.
  2. If you shop carefully, I think you should be able to find SM81s new for 250/ea, maybe even less if you catch a sale.
  3. Sir Bob

    Sir Bob Member

    So the price isn't great and these are supposed to be 20 years old (is old better?), are they good mics for say a Martin dreadnought D-28? Would you spend the extra bucks for a Neumann?
  4. Masternfool

    Masternfool Active Member

    Keep in mind, the sm81s don't come in matched stereo pairs...they claim they're all very consistent..I have some I picked up a few years ago for 225. ea. like new..shop around..Best
  5. subspace

    subspace Guest

    They don't suck, but I wouldn't spend $500 on a 20 year old pair. They usually lose out in mic comparisons on acoustic around here, a Neumann TLM103 has been winning lately. If you want a small diaphragm cardioid, I had great results with an Audix SCX-1, fitted with the cardioid capsule at another studio. The 81s have been bumped out of drum overhead use by a pair of $36 omnis as well, so I really only use one 81 for snare at this point. An $80 MXL 603 would be a cheap upgrade from your C1000S, beyond that, I'd jump to the Audix SCX-1 or Neumann KM184. Your Audix CX-111 is a decent chinese large diaphragm condenser, to make a signifigant upgrade, I'd jump to a TLM103. Most of the other mics in that price range are gonna be similar in quality to what you already have, but the Neumann is a big step up for $600. Great acoustic and vocal mic. HTH
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    In the small diaphragm condenser competition, I would definitely also consider the Oktava MC012's.
  7. :w:
    If you already have a $500 budget, then save up for the KM184's

    T. Alan
  8. Sir Bob

    Sir Bob Member

    Thanks for the replies. Budget is not an issue. I was merely wondering if the mics were something I should get and clearly the answer is no.

    I probably don't want to do much stereo micing. The three-mic approach to drums seems to make sense to me.

    I probably will get a KM184. I also am going to get either a Lawson L47MP or a Soundelux U99. I am leaning to the Lawson. If I do, then I would also like to find something to track female vocals, maybe a Baby Bottle.
  9. Masternfool

    Masternfool Active Member

    Before you spend the money on a km184, you may want to check out the(audio technica) AT 4041 Series..I actually set up a stereo pair with 1-184 and 1-4041 and was very hard pressed to hear the difference..so much in fact I returned the 184 and went with 2 of the 4041s' Money isn't always the winner in Audio...Best

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