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XLR cable choice

Discussion in 'Recording' started by j_doe, Dec 17, 2015.


Which one?

  1. MY204 combo

  2. MY206 combo

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  1. j_doe

    j_doe Active Member

    Am I understand it right that if overall cable length is <5m one can use pretty much anything (maybe except of über-famous "noname" brand that goes for 3€ per 3m)?

    Our local shop have mostly "Klotz" cables My204 and MY206. I need two as connection route is the following:

    Interface <-----> CL-1 <----> Microphone

    Options based on current stock:
    * 2m MY204 + 2m My204, Amphenol AX connectors
    * 1m MY206 + 3m My206, Neutrik XX connectors

    Any preference? Price is approx. the same.
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    There are two things to consider about a connecting cable: physical attributes and electrical attributes.

    The physical includes the quality of the connectors, the structure of the cable and the ability to stand up to normal studio or touring usage as appropriate. The electrical includes things like impedance (mainly capacitance and resistance), losses and VSWR (not usually a problem with audio). Bridging both categories is handling noise (microphony), which is generally associated with change of electrical characteristics due to physical movement.

    If you are talking about studio usage, where there is minimal movement during sessions and maybe only uncoil and coil once per session, then you should use cables that are medium to high quality of construction, but you should still insist on high quality connectors. I would put both Neutrik and Amphenol connectors in that category.

    It's not clear from your post whether you plan to series-connect two cables to get the required length. In principle, there should be no problem in doing this, but do remember that every set of connectors in a signal path brings added unreliability.
  3. j_doe

    j_doe Active Member

    As i need to put Cloudlifter in between of an interface and microphone, two cables are the must. Please refer to the scheme in 1st post.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Sorry I missed the Cloudlifter. The remarks still apply to the quality of cabling.

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