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Yamaha 01V ?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by CplusE, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. CplusE

    CplusE Guest

    Hello everyone (Rookie To .recording.org) But loving all the info.

    OK I hope I can explain what I’m looking for and I would be grateful for any information, I already read some good stuff. But I was lucky to have a friend in the recording field. Well he is starting out. He has a nice setup too. To me he does but he just got a Yamaha 01V mixer, but we need AT card.

    Please let me know if I have the correct understand of this AT card. This is a card that connects to the mixer and the computer so we can control the audio program mixer from the 01V.

    I’ve been helping him look for one, but the only one I’ve seen that’s really good is the Yamaha MY8AT. But the price is killing us. Is there anything else we can get on a cheaper price tag until we can save for this one? Or that our only what to go. He just wants to be able to control the mixer in Cubase on his pc, and when I get the same mixer I want to be able to use it on my apple using Logic Pro. But any help on other product that will let us be able to practice and use it in the mean time. Thank you for the help.

    And also is this the right place to place this ?
  2. cfaalm

    cfaalm Active Member

    Welcome CplusE. I am not the most experienced user here but I happen to own a 01v96 + MY-16 mLAN on Cubase.

    Are you guys working with the old 01v or the new 01v96?

    Having the 01v96 control the mixer in Cubase only requires a MIDI (USB) connection. For further info on that http://www.studioconnections.org/ . There are templates for ProTools, Nuendo or Cubase as well as generic DAWs.

    The MY-cards are for sound, even if you go mLAN (which includes sound and midi), it is still advised to plug in the USB cable if you want to control the Cubase mixer.

    IMHO: none of the Mini YGDAI cards are cheap. I suggest you save up if you really need the connectivity.

    Rock on!
  3. MrEase

    MrEase Active Member

    I use the original 01V and use the "to Host" link into a standard serial port for control but as already mentioned you can also use standard MIDI. To use the "to Host"" link with standard serial port you will need the Yamaha "CBX driver" which makes the serial port appear as a MIDI port to your host software and also a "special" cable. I made the cable myself - the info is in the 01V manual. The CBX driver is available on the Yamaha website.

    If you have the 01V96 this approach may or may not work - I'm not very familiar with it.
  4. CplusE

    CplusE Guest

    Thank you for the reply. Well it the old 01v, and ya the more I read the more it seem I dont have any other choose in the matter for a cheaper way out. But in the mean time im reading the manual to see how to use it so when we gett he addon we can use it to the fullest. Yes I'v been reading that the 01v96, is more robust the the older one. But it better then not haveing one at all to use. BUt i thank you for the help you have provided.

    ( host link). Is that the same card that Iv been talking about or a different card, is there a site with more information, or is it deeper in the 01v manual. Please tell me more. But in the long run I will be getting the card i posted about.
  5. MrEase

    MrEase Active Member

    You don't need any additional card at all to control the DAW. The "to host" connector is on the back next to the MIDI connectors. You only need the extra cards if you want to add more I/O - whether it be analog or digital. I have the ADAT card which gives me a lightpipe connection to my MOTU 828. This has no effect and has nothing to do with control to or from the 01V. Check this out in the manual - the info is all there. As I said, you will need a "special" lead and the CBX driver software installed unless you want to use the standard MIDI ports. The manual tells you how to swap the control port between the "to host" and MIDI connectors.

    You will gain no more control by adding another card. The original Mlan cards are no longer available nor is the software - you cannot use the latest flavour of Mlan with the original 01V. Again see the manual for the card options but bear in mind the original Mlan can no longer be sourced.

    EDIT: I've just checked that the MY8 AT card you mentioned is indeed the ADAT interface that I use. This is only for transferring audio data via lightpipe. It cannot be used for control AT ALL!
  6. CplusE

    CplusE Guest

    Ok thank you for the info, i finally got the manual for it. And this might sound dum, and i will feel that way if this all we need to use it right away, but by reading the manual, is it really say all i have to do is get a firewire card in my PC, and I can control the DAW with my 01v. Point black. Or it mean I need another. Because if that the case. Shaking my head. I get the firewire card because i dont have one in my PC. OK thanks again for all the help.
  7. MrEase

    MrEase Active Member

    The firewire card is only for use with mLAN. You CANNOT get an mLAN card for the 01V. The ONLY way to control the DAW from the 01V (and vice versa) is to use EITHER the "to Host" connection OR the MIDI interface. The MY8AT card is NOT an mLAN card - it is an ADAT card. ADAT is only used for digital AUDIO transfer and does not offer any control possibiliy.

    You do NOT need any more cards for your PC OR 01V to get full control!

    You will need EITHER

    a) a "to Host" lead and the CBX driver (details on the Yamaha web site)


    b) a set of MIDI leads and a spare MIDI interface on your PC

    Is this clear yet? :<) Did you get the correct manual? The 01V96 CAN be controlled with mLAN but the original 01V can NOT.
  8. CplusE

    CplusE Guest

    YEs I see it now. YOu are right. I had the 01v96 version. Wow there trully is a big difference in them. OK thank you for helping me on this.
  9. MrEase

    MrEase Active Member

    No problem. Glad to help - good luck with getting it all working as you want.

    You will need to learn exactly how your software will work with the 01V. The manuals for the 01V and software will become your best friends! :<). Try looking for templates or other support software for the 01V for use with your DAW software as most of the hard work may already have been done for you.

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