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Yamaha eproms v 2.16 for Tc unity

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by karlcid, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. karlcid

    karlcid Guest

    Anyone knows where can I found the Eproms for the mixer Yamaha 02R to upgrade 2.16 version, necesary to work with Tc unity. Thanks.
  2. hammond45

    hammond45 Guest

    I can send to you (by mail) 2 files which you must put into EPROM-s. But you need an EPROM programer.
  3. PeanutsUK

    PeanutsUK Member

    Any chance I can get them too please? Also, do you know what type of EPROM is required for these images (e.g. 27C512). Many thanks.
  4. hammond45

    hammond45 Guest

    No problem. You can send me your e-mail adress, and I'll send to you files.
    You need 27C040 or similar.

    Sorry for my "broken English" :)
  5. antoniosolo

    antoniosolo Guest

  6. hammond45

    hammond45 Guest

    No problem.
  7. Axebuddy

    Axebuddy Active Member

    Please send these files for me too

    Please send these files for me too:redface: axebuddy@gmail.com
  8. Axebuddy

    Axebuddy Active Member

    Thank you.

    :redface: Thank you.
  9. Axebuddy

    Axebuddy Active Member

    Help!!! Unsuccessfully Update!

    Sorry for my English.:smile:

    I'm unsuccessfully to update O2R to V2.16 to use TC UNITY Card.
    The SCENE 1/1 page not appears.:frown::frown::frown:

    I'm veryfy my EPROM chips for several parts?

  10. Axebuddy

    Axebuddy Active Member

    Help me please!!! :frown::frown::frown:
  11. sdkestudio

    sdkestudio Active Member

    friend, could you please send me the files of the 02R firmware to my email: sdkestudio@hotmail.com ...... I am very grateful because it takes a lot
  12. sdkestudio

    sdkestudio Active Member

  13. sdkestudio

    sdkestudio Active Member

  14. TShock

    TShock Active Member

    Hello, asking for help! Could I please get a copy of the 02r v2.16 files. Thanks. tshock@bellsouth.net

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