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Yamaha hs7

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by Nutti, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member


    My current studiomonitors are tannoy reveal 601a and now I'm looking into a second set of monitors for my setup. I mostly do heavy rock punk music with some singer/guitarist coming in now and then. So it's defenetly acustic music only and often to the heavier side. I did some research and pinned down to the yamaha hs series for this type of production but would like to get some oppinions on this. The buget is around 400€ so that would be around 540$.

    Would these be a good value for the money? Or are there any others in that pricerange you guys would recommend? Been loking at presonus eris5 also but they seem to lack bass when compared to the hs7. Then again the hs7 adds some hiend, but I'm thinking that would be good for me as I tend to overdo the hiend now and then. I'm guessing they might put my tannoys in as second monitors and the new ones will be my main monitors.

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  2. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    I forgot to mention that I am a bit worried on the hs7 as they have rear port for bass. My monitors are very close to a wall, just about 6" from the foam I got on the walls. So how would these react to that?

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  3. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    I've tried the HS80's and I like them, especially for rock and things that don't need ridiculous amounts of bass. They're pretty flat, except for the slight bump in the hi mids. But you might need to get them a little farther from the wall.
  4. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    Crap! I just read the manual. Recommended distance is 1.5 meters to the wall, so I will be forgetting those since my room is way to small for the yamahas.

    I did a quick search in the 5-7" woofer size speakers that would fit my budget and got these:
    Presonus eris 5
    Adam f5 or f7
    Mackie mr6mk3
    JBL lsr 2325p or 305
    Samson resolv se6

    any advise on any of these? Both JBL and mackie are rear ported so they might not be a good choise for me anyways? I'll be getting a JBL msc1 also so that might help reduce the bass response of the speakers I choose, but I really need some help with choosing a pair of speakers. I think the max distance I could get between wall and speaker is about 10-13" and I would like some speakers with low frequency response since I'm having trouble with mixing kick and bass on my current tannoys.
  5. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member


    The Eris monitors were ok. I've heard that they're hyped, but I didn't particularly care for them.
    The Adams are harsh due to the ribbon tweeters so I didn't like them either.
    Forget about the Mackies. They suck. They have horrible bass response and they make everything muddy. They've cause more problems that they solves for me.
    The JBL's, I've never tried the 2325p's so I can't say anything about them but the 305's are awesome. They have really good bass response for their size and they're really clear, but not harsh at all. That would be a problem for you though since the bass port is in the back. Probly for any speaker that has that in the back is probly bad for your size room.
    I've also never heard the Samson's, but I don't know if I'd trust that brand's speakers.

    Also take into consideration: the KRK Rokit 6's. Bass port is in the front. I have a pair and I've mixed everything from punk to hip hop and pop. IMO, the 5's are muddy and the 8's feel too bassy for me. If you're going to use them as reference, they would be really good, but you need to learn them very well in order to make them your main set of monitors. There is a slight bump in the low mids, but really, what monitors are completely flat?
  6. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    I got a reply on another forum that I should get a sub instead of going for another set of monitors. Also got the tip to look at equadors d5.

    But maybe the sub would be the best choise for me since I like my monitors exept for the lack of lowend?

    Any thoughts on this?

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  7. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    a nice set of monitors in this range is the alesis active monitor 1 mk2. they are font ported and sound nice, not hyped highs, and resonable bass, though it doesn't go super low. but no 5" speaker will.

    as far as a sub, it could create more probs than it helps. depending on your room and how you set it. but modestly, it might help reinforce what the tannoys don't. but the idea of two reference monitors is to see the mix in a different light.

    if your room is too small for a typical 8" nearfield, i don't think a sub would help much, unless you got a purpose built 2.1 setup that had that satallites and the sub matched, your probably just asking for trouble.

    Your problem w/ the lack of low end is probably related to where the speakers are, and where you are. your probably sitting in a null spot in the room. move the desk back and forth a few inches at a time, and i bet you'll find a spot that is more even.

    i'd do this before i even thought about dropping coin.
  8. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    Well, let me put it this way: my room is probably the smallest one here. About 2,5m deep, 4m wide with 3m to the roof. Behind me is a shelf that is 60cm deep, so that gives me about 1,9m to fit me in my chair and my table...so it's extremely small, but I'm going to introduce my chainsaw to the shelves soon to get that extra 60cm of space, then treat that wall with acustic foam or 4" diy traps

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  9. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    I wouldn't put a sub in a room that small. Like Kmetal said, it's going to cause more problems than it solves. The only thing i can suggest is to get a set of monitors with the bass port in front (I really think the Rokits will help since they don't really lack low end like the tannoys) or balance your low end on a pair of headphones. My friend works on a pair of ns-10's so he has to get the low end balanced on his pair of DT-770's before he mixes the rest of the song on the 10's. There's no way a sub would help in his room as it's just a little bit bigger than yours.
  10. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    Thanks for the answers! I have been a bit allergic to the krk:s after listening to them at a friends house but his room had huge bass problems so I could borrow them and try them to see how they react to my room. I'd rather have speakers than headphones so they might be the only alternitive in my pricerange that would produce the bass needed to mix bass and kick for the music I work with.

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  11. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    Yeah, definitely, see if how they sound in your room. If the bass is bad in there, try out the presonus eris, I think they're more hyped in the high end than the low end.
  12. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    Sweet! I just called him and I'm getting them in a few hours, they where the ones with 5" woofer. Gonna try them tomorrow and see how they sound then

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  13. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    Ewww. The 5" are muddier than the 6. But yes, they will have more low end. And the reason I suggested the Eris is because the bass port is in the front too. Just so you know.
  14. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    Yeah, he came to my studio a couple of months ago with a song (trance) just to listen to it and he was totally surprised of hearing sound frequencies in the synthezisers in the mids he had never heard before. Thst kinda scared me from ever looking at them again.

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  15. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    Well, try them out and see what you think, are you both working in untreated rooms? Because that could make a HUGE difference in the way it sounds.
  16. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    No, we are both working in treated rooms but he has to many reflections in his room, mine is almost dead

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  17. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    But too many reflections can cause comb filtering and cancel out some of those frequencies he hadn't heard in his room. So they're very different listening environments, so just try them.
  18. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    Eeeewwww! They are much muddier than my tannoys and no boost in bass compared to the tannoys. Lack of detail in the highs also...but the again these are the rokit g2.
    The g2 5" specs are:
    30w for lows
    15w for highs 53-20khz response

    The g3 5" specs are:
    Still 30w for low
    BUT 20w for high
    AND 45-35khz response
    So maybe they improved the highs on the 3rd generation and got the to go even lower in frequency response. Now the 6" of the g3 have 48w in lows, 25w in highs and frequency response amazing 38-35khz.

    Those figures really sound interesting...my sisters kid got the g3 5", maybe I need to go and borrow those also

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  19. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    I still think the 6's are better than the 5's. The 5's are super muddy.
  20. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    it could, it might not. who knows? i think it could. i don't know it will. i was re-interpreted.

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