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Yet another budget home studio thread

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by mlessa2002, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. mlessa2002

    mlessa2002 Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    After a certain (forced) absence from the site, I am finally coming to grips with my home studio.
    I am in need of a mic preamp and a pair of monitors.

    I have seen and heard (and liked, for that matter), the Focusrite ISA428. It also fits my budget.

    In as far as monitors go, I am (was) planning on getting a pair of MSP5s. However, I am thinking of how the Event ASP6 compares to them. Of course, the MSP5s are cheaper, and seem to serve as reasonably good monitors, the very best one can buy for circa 500 bucks. Has anyone compared them to the ASP6s?

    That's what I would be getting in the first place, and I was wondering if anyone could offer input on those choices.


  2. BennisHahn

    BennisHahn Guest

    Now, far from being a pro, I can only offer common sense here.

    Take a look at the situation: You are setting up a home studio. I'm guessing you probably haven't considered acoustic treatment yet, (which you should) and you are looking to spend over three times more for a preamp then your monitors. If I were you, I would look into some higher end models of monitors (Dynaudio, A.D.A.M., Genelec, etc) and pick up a FMR RNP for your first pre. That way you will be able to judge your equipment in your own room, not the store.

    That said, I have the MSP5’s and it didn’t take me long to get used to them, although it lacks some low end. Major upgrade from the hi-fi system I was mixing on.

    Just my .02, take with a grain or two of salt.
  3. mlessa2002

    mlessa2002 Active Member

    Sorry I didn't mention the treatment - yes, I plan on doing so.

    However, my point is (and I might be utterly wrong here) that other than high end monitors (i.e. Gennies are expensive, and so forth), there is no better option than the MSP5 (i.e there is no 800-1000 $ monitor which is better).

    However there might be difference in spending an extra 200-300 $ on 4 channels of mic preamps.

    I might be wrong here, but I'm really (unless absolutely required) trying not to go over 2K and still get 4 channels' worth of preamps.


  4. mlessa2002

    mlessa2002 Active Member

    Just as a follow up - I saw a pair of Gennies 1029s for 1000 bucks. Adams are much more expensive.
    My question is: are the 1029s infinitely better than the MSP5s, or at least to a point where one should pay twice as much for them?
    I can't reach out to a monitor which costs 1,800 per speaker...
  5. BennisHahn

    BennisHahn Guest

    I understand were you are coming from but if you invest in a good set of speakers to start with, they will last you a long time. Could you spring for the Dynaudios? I think passive BM6's are around $800 and actives are around $1600 per pair.

    I can't comment on the gene's because I have never heard that model...
  6. bcarr

    bcarr Guest

    Acoustic treatment is a very good idea. I just finished mine and now everything is sounding great. As far as monitors go you may want to check into KRK V8s. I think they go for about $500-$600 each. I have them and I am very happy with them. They also came out with a new lower end model I think it's called the Rockit. I have no idea what it sounds like but I think you can get a pair for around $500-$600.
  7. Bhennies

    Bhennies Guest

    I second the KRK v8's, and I strongly suggest that you get the ISA428. It is a good up front investment, and if you get the v8's, you can get away with the whole setup for 2500 (ISA is 1500 at alto music). I understand where "BennisHahn" is coming from, but personally I have NS10's and KRK v8's, and I have treated my room quite well, and I still check my mixes elsewhere when possible because no "project studio" should EVER be the final answer on monitoring (BTW if you spend thousands on acoustic treatment, you are no longer a project studio in my opinion). The v8's will get you pretty damn close to a good mix as long as the room is reasonable, but the ISA will give you excellent source material that can be transfered into other studios if you want to really polish it up. Once you build non-parallel walls and adequate membrane/bass-traps absorbers, then I'd say go for the top notch monitors, but for now, I'd personally say GET THE ISA!!

    p.s. If you don't want the v8's, I'd say get some NS10's off ebay because they are a wonderful investment- you don't see them on every console for no reason.

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