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Yet Another Im building a Studio im a newb help me Topic

Discussion in 'Recording' started by rdt2449, May 25, 2005.

  1. rdt2449

    rdt2449 Guest

    well Like the topic says im going to be building a studio for my band this summer, and i've ben experimenting alot right now with just recording myself playing guitar. but im on a tight budget, i have 2000$ and a Custom built computer that i know will be able to handle anything right now. but anyways im looking for good equipment that you guys recomend.

    Im usuing Sonar 4 and im going to need something that has many inputs for each mic. so i need something that has enough inputs for drums mics that i can sepearate the sound easly.

    second mics, im thinking of buying 2 condenser mics for the drums just over head, one for bass drum and one for the snare. I have right now a AudioTechnica MB 2k which is a Instrument mic. I also would really Appricate if someone would show me a guide on setting up mics properly and setting levels ect. for vocals drums amps ect.

    Thank you Very Much for Listning to my newbish ways :)
  2. rdt2449

    rdt2449 Guest

  3. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    i think no one responding because your question is too broad
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    1st you will need a 6 pack of really cold beer. Any brand will work. Then get back on here and do some searches. With the search function. Lastly try one question at a time.
    Good luck 8)

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