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Yo I just Got The antares Mic Modeler...

Discussion in 'Recording' started by empri330, May 6, 2007.

  1. empri330

    empri330 Guest

    I see A lot of mics on here and i was wondering about some of the possible applications of said plug-in conjunction with the use of some of the mics below...My intention is to record hip hop vocals and i'm trying to get a clean crisp sound. I was also wondering if I should use a microphone pre amp too...

    If anybody out there can feel my pain let me know how you feel about the use of these mics and plugins.

    Shure Beta 57a
    Shure beta 52
    Audix OM-2
    Shure KSM 27

    Please somebody tell me what you think of the antares mic modeler
  2. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    (A) You don't have a choice - You have to use a preamp. That's not optional.

    (B) The Mic Modeler is pretty much a joke. Nothing is going to make a SM57 sound like a 414 or a U87. It's not even close. It's more or less a glorified EQ.
  3. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    The top mics for rap, hip-hop, etc are the Telefunken C12, the AKG version, the Sony C800G, etc, etc. Anything bright on the top end. Your modeler won't have those. Get your money back. That box is not the right tool for the job. What you are seeking (if you are seeking the exact same quality as a major label) might by had with an ADK TT, an Avalon or some other high voltage clean preamp, and maybe some multiband compression/limiting. Really you need what the pros have to get what you are hearing on CDs. But you have to start somewhere. It might be cheaper to book a room with all of the same exact gear and a good engineer.
  4. JensenBohren

    JensenBohren Guest

    If you had, say, a U87 that you wanted to make sound like a SM57, would it work?

    That's how I heard it described at Full Sail-- use a high-quality mic and make it into ANOTHER high-quality mic.
  5. empri330

    empri330 Guest

    I cant afford to get the exact sound I'm looking for. I want That Industry standard sound but DAMN... The Telefunken Mic cost as much as a down payment on a cheap house (lol). What do you guys think about using a
    SM57 with the Presonus Micpre. By The way I'm very appreciative of all the replies you guys are a godsend and if any of you are interested I'll send you free copies of my project and a tee shirt when I wrap this thing up.
    To tell you a little about me...I'm a hip hop artist ( No Not like what you hear on the radio because most of that stuff on the radio sounds the same and we will all forget it as soon as next years "Next big thing comes out" you know how that goes) anyway...I started producing 6 years ago because producers were charging to much and the ones i was dealing with are too caught up with sounding exactly like someone else all the time. I got some software (Sonar 5, Soundforge 7, Reason 3.0, and Damn near 300 different plug ins) I made most of my own tracks (unmixed) I write all of my own lyrics and I wear about a million different hats (It' doesn't help when you have a peanut head). I rely on controlled testing and reading materials to gain skills and knowledge about actually recording. I don't know sh#$ about engineering but I'm learning and I thank you guys for being a part of that process. Let me know what you think about that Shure SM57 mic and the presonus micpre and let me know if i need a mic amp too.
  6. empri330

    empri330 Guest

    Hip hop Mics & Mic modeler...

    Yo I just found the updated Presets for Mic Mod And they include the following

    Shure ksm32
    Sony c800g
    Telefunken U47

    I was thinking about using one of these as an output preset and using a Shure beta 57A as the input. I know there is no way to completely get over the fact that some of these mics cost like $8,000 but i'm thinking that maybe (please god) just maybe i might be able to get a little bit of their eq characteristics.
  7. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    Re: Hip hop Mics & Mic modeler...

    Look, the logic is stupid. You can't make a modeled mic sound like the real deal. The 57A reacts completely different to the condenser mics, and it being a beta with NDym magnets does horrid things to the sound. So the Antares is supposed to eliminate the effects of the 57A and then make it sound like a Sony? Hardly.

    It is not just about reproducing a signature EQ. It is sensitivity, off axis rejection, proximity, dynamics, etc. You cannot make one mic sound like another.
  8. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Great vocal tracks have been made with cheap mics. No plugin or mic in the world will write good lyrics and make you perform well.

    Stop worrying about the gear because gear doesn't sell records....performances do.
  9. empri330

    empri330 Guest

    Thanks therecordingart. I'll stop worryin a little
  10. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Look at Wu Tang's album...i think it's 36 chambers. One of the crappiest sounding recordings that I've ever heard in that genre, but look how popular it was.
  11. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    But this guy says that the wants rap vocals that are prestine and clean to cut. He is wizzin in the wind with a Beta57A.

    Get an ADK TT or an AKG C414. You will have plenty of cut.
  12. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Nobody says you can't get a clean/crisp sound with a Beta57. Get a solid performance and then worry about clean n crisp. Chances are you'll forget all about it. Save up some coin while you work on your chops and then get a really good mic and pre.
  13. elcubo

    elcubo Active Member

    I just did some overdubs for a concert im mixin and i decided to use the good ol sm57, you know, for the "live fx"...you know what...it rocks...through my API is just beatiful...just gotta try and u will be surprised...
  14. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    You know, that wouldn't be such a bad thing if it actually told you what it was doing so you could learn something. Does the plugin expose what is behind the presets?
  15. nandoph8

    nandoph8 Active Member

    Are you serious??
  16. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    Use a $200 plugin to make a $3000 microphone sound like a $80 microphone. Seems perfectly logical to me. Go for it! and be sure to post samples. :cool:
  17. nandoph8

    nandoph8 Active Member

    are YOU serious?
  18. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    :wink: :roll: :wink:
  19. JensenBohren

    JensenBohren Guest

    Serious? No.

    However, that's how it was explained at Full Sail. Take a high quality mic (I believe they recommended an Earthworks mic), then you have all the other high quality mics AND the lower end ones if you want to experiment. Or make it sound double-tracked. Or whatever.
  20. nandoph8

    nandoph8 Active Member

    well that makes sense.

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