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Your opinion on the mix (vocals) would be appreciated

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Ferry0123, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Ferry0123

    Ferry0123 Active Member

    I mixed the vocals and backing vocals of this song. I wonder what your opinions are on the them.

    Do You Know? (A Collaboration with Ferry Colje) by Psyve on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    It wanted it to sound well spread over the stereo field and have the lead vocals blend well with the backings. What do you think?
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I like what you are doing here but to be very honest, its really lacking dynamics and a stereo spread. Maybe this is the sound you are looking for? But to me, its extremely lifeless. You have a John Lennon vibe going on here which we all know that is a good thing so kudo's and keep growing that, I think it will serve you well.

    I bet if you did this again with a band and real drums, it would sound so much better. The key to programming drums "well" is to make them dynamic ( unless you are doing club mix's). Your snare is so boring. When the chorus kicks in, I expected it to really explode with energy, but nothing changed... it just kept going at the same dullness.

    The bass is not happening either.

    Sorry to be so negative but you can do much better with practice. You have an interesting song, unfortunately, the mixing isn't there yet.
  3. Ferry0123

    Ferry0123 Active Member

    Thanks very much for your reply, very thoughtful, and very helpful to me. Learned a lot from this!
  4. daichan073

    daichan073 Active Member

    I've listened to your track and I can say that you're better than I do in mixing. But it's a bit dragging. Maybe because of the dynamics.
  5. godchuanz

    godchuanz Active Member


    I think you have got a pretty good song there. The lyrics are good, and the music is fitting.

    Some comments on the vocals:
    1) I think the vocal performance could benefit from some tuning - some timing and slight pitching errors in there. Maybe it was intentional, but I would personally want a better performance. Or use Melodyne to tweak it a little.

    2) I also think the backing vocals may be a little too loud in the song.

    3) I think your compression settings may need tweaking. What settings did you use and how much gain reduction are you getting? Sounds like you've got a very low threshold and low ratio, but I can't be sure because the Soundcloud transcoding screw the dynamics of the file quite a bit. It may also be a too slow attack. Personally, I'd use a high threshold and high ratio to keep out excessive loud peaks, but retain the general dynamics in the vocal performance. A lower threshold can also be used if a soft knee is applied.

    Comments for the rest of the mix:
    1) I think you need a bass player in the song. Cut the lows from the guitars, and use a bass player. The bass of the guitar can never replicate the way a real bass instrument interacts with the vocals.

    2) And I agree with the other posters, the drums sound way too bland. If you're using a computer for the sequencing, try to get your hands on sounds from a realistic kit, and humanize the velocities of the hits. Also play around with the timing a tiny wee bit for more added realism.

    Will there be a new version? Can't wait to hear an improved mix :)
  6. cdd

    cdd Member

    There are too many vocals, too much low frequency, more refined effects required on vocals
    Mixing and Mastering see "editing"---> "Product Description"
  7. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    vocs are too upfront, and perhaps a mastering error?

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