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Console as in-line mixer only

Like most of us here I have been building my gear arsinal for some time. I now have a really fine collection of mics, preamps, compressors, equalization, and a/d/a conversion. So the time has come to get rid of the weakest link in the chain, that wink leak being the mixing console. I use a 32 tape input Soundcraft now, and what I was wondering was if I get something like a Trident 80 for a line mixer, will it be as much of a significant difference as between using a cheap front end and then hearing the good gear? Going from the Soundcraft Preamp and a Audio-Technica to a Neve and a U67 was a serious ear opener, and the difference was probably 400% better minimum. I think the weak point of the Soundcraft is its summing buses, so I am hoping a Trident will be that much better for $30K +. Any other serious advantages of the Trident besides EQ?



Guest Fri, 07/20/2001 - 04:45
If you just neeed a good sounding, flexible, line in mixer for under $7k...try the Speck [it's about half that]...if you want one for more than $7k, check out the Manley 16x's pretty awesome.

While the Speck may not be the Manley sound and feature wise , it is without the best 'bang for the buck' in 'line in only' mixers.
The little fucker sounds amazing.

Member Fri, 07/20/2001 - 08:22
The only thing though is I was hoping for something in a traditional format configuration. I don't think I can handle looking at a rack based mixer no matter what the quality. And it does matter to me that it is used just for automatic depreciation purposes and more value for my dollar. I have heard good things about the Neotek line. Has anyone had any experience with the II series, Elan, or Elite?