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kurzweil ksp8?

I've heard a bunch of good stuff about this unit, especially from Fletcher saying it "ate the Lexicon 960 and TC 6000 for breakfast and sh*t them out before lunch" This definetly gets my interest going. But I still havent heard of anyone actually owning one of these.
I'm looking for a good reverb unit and being able to have 8 channels of it seems awefully tempting. Anyone compared it to the Lexicon PCM series or TC 3000?


Member Wed, 03/13/2002 - 21:37
I've had one for a month or so. It Jams!!
Very easy to navigate (after a twenty minute read of the big book), especially with the "quick" buttons. They allow you to access eight useful parameters at any givin time within a patch, and which parameters displayed can be user defined. Very Cool. The sound quality has been excellent just about every time with little mods needed beyond timing issues, no joke.

All my clients have shat thier pants at how rich and clear these effects are. I don't useplug-insany more, favoring to print effects to disc instead because these are far superior to any TDM I have.

As soon as I can, I'm getting the four additional analog I/O card. It ships with four, plus AES I/O.

I haven't heard reverb-one, but I have the Lexiverb and TC Megaverb, and this unit crushes those. Gotta say, I've been using a Lexicon 224 in another studio for three days, and that thing's pretty easy on the ears as well.

All and all, I'm way into the KSP 8. Some of the shit it can do is almost too crazy, like the random number generators and waveshapers. Good for the NIN style tweakers, which sometimes suits me fine as well. As I'm seriously considering bailing on the whole fuckin Pro-Tools bag and getting a Radar, the KSP will be my workhorse for FX.

Member Mon, 03/18/2002 - 22:29
Cool this is good to hear. This unit came up on a post of mine last year "Wotta 'bout Reverb", but despite contacting the Australian distributor 3 times last November I heard absolutely nothing from them. Hope their service backup is better. I still have no idea what these units go for ($'s).
Perhaps one of you kind gentlefolk can give me an idea? :cool:

Member Tue, 03/19/2002 - 09:22
Thanks Bear.
Well it could mean anything from $6500 to $8500!(seriously)
Yup the Australian dollar sux!! I would put up a post "What Do Australians Know About Exchange Rates" but it's kinda obvious...not much!!!
It is however very encouraging to hear people's opinions on this unit, I'm definately going to have to track one down....but going on Kurtzweil's response over here that might include a flight to NY or LA, so it could cost up to $10,500!!!!
:) (cos it's about time I visited the States)
:( (cos I don't have the money)
:D (cos I've done my Depak Chopra meditation 2x this morning and the universe will supply my needs)
:roll: (cos last time I did this I got a clapped out toaster that blew the fuses in my house)