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Why does Massive Attack's 'Blue Lines' still kick ass!

As i sit here and get my daily dose of 'pro audio porn'. thats what these sites are too me!

I am listening to Massive Attack's 'Blue Line's'
It still floors me that this album still sounds so fresh and contemporary given that it is over 10yrs old now.

Great production and performances.. simply top shelf!

I am being priveledged to to be working with the mix engineer in the next few weeks. Besides the obligatory waynes world scene' we're not worthy, we're not worthy' routine i will be bugging the sh*t out of hI'm about that album!

For me at least its one of those albums that is a desert island disk!

Wiggy :D :p :w:


Member Thu, 04/11/2002 - 09:41
I seem to remember Neneh Cherry being credited as an "arranger"on Blue Lines. Was that strings or what?
A friend of mine once had the pleasure of acting as "personal assistant" to Daddy G for a day - his main responsibility was to go to the boot (trunk) of his car every now and again to bring him a shirt - he had a whole caseful of identical ones so that he could change into a fresh one every few hours!
I never imagined that Massive Attack would be so Rock and Roll...

mixfactory Thu, 04/11/2002 - 13:01
I am being priveledged to to be working with the mix engineer in the next few weeks.

You know I always thought it was Spike that did all of their stuff. This is definetely a classic album, one of my top ten of the 90's. I guess that's probably why it sounded so cool(i'm not digging Spike's stuff lately but he's still doing everybody over there). Good luck.

Member Thu, 04/11/2002 - 19:06
Chealy!.... from what i have heard they are luxurious rocks stars!... one could only imagine that if you were tricky's PA you would be relegated to rolling blunts for him all day/night long! What a Rock Star!!!!!!!


For the First Album it was mixed by a guy called Jeromy Allom. He now lives here in Australia and will keep everyone posted on any sdectrets or tips etc

True it's in my top 10 for the 90's too! :w:

Curve Dominant Fri, 04/12/2002 - 20:40
The Curve was working at a Philly jazz club called Zanzibar Blue when that record came out, and we were bangin' it non-stop. I agree: it's ill.

Mezzanine is pretty dope too.

Caught Tricky at the TLA on South Street a few years back. Intense mix of sequenced grooves and live musicians.

Blue Lines is the sh*t tho...

"Trendy-wendas ya know what I mean
they're goin around wit' da girl who goes up her jean
she watches her street crack, cause she's no dummy
see I'm rockin da microphone an' now she's callin' me a-honey
says I know what I like, and who here does
with house parties, hiphop, and smokin' drugs
and whoever's bein' the boss, she's down wit em
she's always on time cause the girl got riddum

Yo, that's ill...I luv that record.

Member Sat, 04/13/2002 - 04:01
Ah to publicly shame myself. You know, I've never heard "Blue Lines". I'll have to get it. Apart from anything else the production/sound quality of it seems to be seen as some benchmark, let alone the music itself.
We have "Protection" in my house. I listened to it today, the first time in a while. I dunno....doesn't seem to stand up to my ears, although a couple of the tracks are still pretty cool.

How does "Protection" rate. compared to "Blue Lines"?

Member Sat, 04/13/2002 - 04:23
Hi there Stedel!

'Protection' is still a great album, but lacks the great urban chill or vibe that consistently
runs through 'Blue Lines'. Some people prefer 'protection' to blue lines. It definately has more of raga/reggae/dub feel than blue lines which to me is about latenite London/uk clubscene as opposed to the huge acid/house/ madchester thing that was going on then. They truly created a masterpiece or urban chic!

However protection has Tracy Thorn sing on a few cuts, and man has she got a killer voice.. possibly the most emotive and evocative female voice that i have heard i years to say the least.

And as for mezzanine... that is another masterpiece in its own right. The demented tones /textures and Liz fraser(who is actually inteligble)are one of the most scary things about this dark and unnerving album. Some of the old Birthday Party/ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds albums were laden with dark sonic and lyrics images but this is differnet and more brooding not a sacry sonic assault. Mezzanine is like a bizzare quandy of stepping into a nite club that you really should not go into but are somehow drawn into it. A mate of mine almost described it as being music for the dark reaches of a disturbed mind. hmmmmm maybe he is disturbed.. but it also is one of the best and most innovatinve albums from the 90's too. Its also 'pretty dope too'. But a definate worthy addition of any cd collection by any stretch!

I mean i cant say anything bad about em' other than i am DYING for their next album. I luv em!!!

Wiggy :p

Member Sat, 04/13/2002 - 04:59
Hmm. As I said, I'll have to get a listen to Blue Lines. Somebody mentioned Tricky here. I've got
"Maxinquaye", which I still really love. Prefer listening to it rather than "Protection"

"I gotta letter from the government the other day
I opened it and read it, it said they were suckers
They wanted me for their army of whatever
Picture me giving a damn, I said never
Here is a land that never gave a damn"

Now Martine. I think she's got'a great voice....

Switch on...Switch off....