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Boston Acoustics monitors

I'm pretty new to this site and recording in general, so please forgive my ignorance. Im also trying to do the best I can working with a pathetic budget. Up until now I have spent all my money on a hard track recorder, mixer, and mics and have just been monitoring with a cheap bookshelf stereo. I understand that I'll need something much more accurate, but I'm not really able to buy a good pair of real studio monitors yet. I have been searching for and reading as many posts as I could dealing with inexpensive monitors, and I have seen Boston Acoustics mentioned a few times. I would be able to get a pair of CR8 speakers from a local pawn shop for $75, would this be a worthwile improvement to my setup, assuming I get a decent amp to go along with them. I checked out the Boston Acoustics website and they only have a CR85 now, which I have heard great things about on this site. Does anyone know if the CR8 is similar or even the same?
Thanks in advance for your help! :w:


Member Fri, 04/11/2003 - 11:49
Hi Charlie. Well, there's no shortage of monitor threads, here and elsewhere, and I seem to have a minority view on this, but all the same here's my two cents. Seems to me that if you can't spend near a grand for monitors and amp, the best route is definitely hifi speakers. I'm partial to B&W 303's - you can buy them $150 a pair, and while I've never used them directly for monitoring, I've checked my mixes on them and they're quite nice. Point is, don't go to a pro audio store, go to a hi fi store, and see what you can find. If you could swing a budget amp & a pair of 303s, I think you'd have a better monitoring system than most sub-$1000 rigs, maybe for as little $300.