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Vocal Pitch

I'm in the market for a vocal processor for harmony work and vocal effects. I have my eye on the TC Helicon Voiceworks and the TC Helicon Quintet. Has anyone used these and which one is better? Also what is their down side if any?
What's this button do? :eek:


Doublehelix Thu, 07/31/2003 - 05:08
I have the VoiceWorks, and it is really lovely. There are some higher end units (Eventide and others), but for the price, the TC Helicon unit really kicks butt. It's strength is in the harmonies and pitch correction, as a voice channel, it is just OK. The reverbs sound great, but they are limited in their control, and the mic pre is pretty unremarkable imho.

This is one of those "gadgets" that is so much fun to play with, it is hard to get any real work done when it is around! :D

I haven't seen (or heard) the Quintet, but it is based on the same technology as the Voiceworks, but with a lot less features. Check out the specs on the TC Helicon site and see if you can live without the bells and whistles, and save yourself a lot of money. I remember remember looking at the differences, and then deciding on the VoiceWorks "hands-down".

The harmonies work quite well in a full mix, although by themselves, you can tell they are a bit "processed". I have found that they seem to work best when they are generated "dry", and then add effects later.

I am using the digital ins and outs of the VoiceWorks (S/PDIF), so I haven't really tried or evaluated the A/D or D/A yet. It does NOT have any word clock connections however, which is a bit of a bummer, but so far, it has not been a problem in acutal use.

It does take a little while to get used to the menu structure like any other piece of technology, but after the steep learning curve, this thing is a real beauty!!! Don't let me scare you, it is not too bad... even a moron like me could figure it out! :d:

Let me know if have any specific questions, and good luck!