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Joe Meek

1 more thing, just looked up pre amps on samash and saw Joe Meek Twin Q 799.99$ It looks and reads to be a nice peice "The Joemeek twinQ is like having two channels of a professional recording studio in one box." so they say. Anybody used it?


Member Fri, 02/24/2006 - 13:53
I'm strongly considering picking up a TwinQ also, the built-in digital output is somehting that I think they really have over the Eureka. How do these two compare, I don't know, might not matter in this range. The by-passable mic preamp section just to use the compressor / eq / digital out is an excellent thing.

Here's a recent review
on a goofy .jpg format

jonnyc Fri, 02/24/2006 - 18:07
I own the 3q which I believe is pretty much a single channel version of the twinq without the bells and whistles and digital outs. I love the 3q, works really really well on kick drum and as my pre for dirty guitars. I honestly bought it thinking it would suck and I've been pleasantly surprised.