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Newbie - Toneport + soundcard

Hi and thanks for reading.
I'm new to this game so please forgive me.
I have just purchased a UX1 toneport device and have connected it up. Initially I was a little confused. Playing the guitar through the toneport, I could see that a signal was received in Gearbox but couldn't hear a thing. I didn't realise that I needed to connect the Toneport to some speakers! The thing is that I was assuming it would be the same as my Evolution USB keyboard and software synth setup, in that the sound was simply there. Anyhow, what is the best approach. Do I connect the Toneport analog outs (left and right) to the soundcard input (is there such a cable for this, or do I connect the soundcard output to the Toneport line inputs (left and right). This is confusing the hell out of me.
Here are my requirements.
1. I would like all sound to come out of the speakers (5.1) that are attached to my soundcard.
2. I want to play the bass, guitar and vocals through the Toneport
3. I want to play software synths via my Evolution USB keyboard.
4. I'd like to record the lot in the supplied Ableton live.

I'm guessing that I just need to connect the two analog outs from the Toneport to the input on my soundcard but I'd appreciate your advice please.



Member Sun, 03/05/2006 - 21:06
It will work, but I don't recommend it. It defeats the ToneDirect monitoring feature of the TonePort, which is to me one of its biggest pluses.

Any time you listen "through" your soundcard, you are going to add latency. I would be very surprised if you could maintain a playable latency doing it this way; though, it depends on your soundcard. Since you mention 5.1 speakers, I'm going to assume it's just a multimedia card (like an Audigy or SBLive or something similar), in which case my honest and not-intentionally-snobby (I'm a hobbyist with little money, same as many of us here!) advice is to skip the TonePort-to-Soundcard route.

The TonePort is a capable soundcard in and of itself. It will play all of your media files, your sequenced songs, and allow you to monitor your tone with negligible latency. Either buy a cable splitter and plug your TP directly into the stereo component of the 5.1 (your main front left and right speakers), or buy separate stereo speakers for the TonePort. Or, do your recording with headphones plugged into the TP.