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Almost finished, any last touches?

OK so I finally am about done with my not to bad home studio( not trying to make it perfect). So i Bought Alesis MultiMix Usb mixer, G5 OSX Mac. Got a pair of monitors. Drum kit mics, cabels, etc. Any thing that i should be looking further into. mabye aprogram better than Garageband? Or a compressor?. Head Phone amp?


Kev Wed, 04/19/2006 - 18:05
xX5thQuarterXx wrote: ... But to use pro tools dont you need something like a digi design Recording unit?
yes a Digidesign interface is required

If your teacher is a heavy user of Protools ... I see nothing wrong with you getting an Mbox2
old secondhand Mbox, 001 or AM3
the later 2 are good in a simple PC with PT6.4

but with the Mac and OSX
Mbox2 (which comes with PT 7)
Logic (you will still want some sort of interface)
DP (you will still want some sort of interface)

xX5thQuarterXx Wed, 04/19/2006 - 22:42
OK a couple questions...

Is the digi001 just basically a 2 channel mixer with usb and comes with Pro Tools?

The digi 002 is a little outa my price range at the moment, but im tryin to do what every one is...get the best sound for the cheapest price. I understand with what i got is not gonna be studio quality but how much more will it improve it, is it worth the 400 bux or whatever for a digi001?